Thursday, May 31, 2007

And The Winner Is....

First I had Mr. Sock shake up the entries, then he reached in and pulled out my three winners!!
He was very deliberate (do notice that I have about three more inches to complete Mr. Sock!).

First I pulled out Patty's entry (she was my SP9 pal and she spoiled me rotten!!) Patty is at and she recommended and Yarnzilla (Yarnzilla is about ten minutes from my house!).

Then I pulled out Jenn's name and she recommended (been there, loved that), and whom I had not visited before. You can find Jenn here.

My third winner is Lois who is Hoping to Retire here. She would like us all to check out

That should certainly be enough enabling for you all today!

Now I have 45 days left!

ETA: Also - many of you recommended Carodan Farm - FYI they are starting a 10% off sale over the next five days using this coupon code: 7002JUN

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Quickie Post This Morning

A couple of people have asked about the buttons in my picture. Aren't they just crazy-fantastic? Here is a link to Bergschultz Studio in Fredonia Wisconsin. Her website is a little touchy - be patient. You can also email her at

Did you catch my little "Goals for the Week" statement yesterday? Well, ha! I got one of them done. I present to you: Back of the Bam Boo Mess!
Note also? I am showing you the pretty buttons again.

Quickly, a little enabling. I stumbled upon a little indie dyer last night. I can't show you her stuff - but wowza! Check it out: The Singing Yarn

Gorgeous yarn, and pretty reasonable too. I really love Peeves.

And if you're just looking, you should check out Chris' yarn dying adventures.

Last day to get your contest entries in! I'll be posting the winners tomorrow!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Oh Yes, I'm Home

So, is there anywhere in the world that still has a climate I can live in? Not lovin' the heat and humidity.

Some knitting progress to report this weekend, not much, but some. Half a sock, anyway. I plan on finishing the back of the Bam Boo mess this week, finishing sock #1 (which is STR Monsoon from the Rockin' Sock Club - FYI), and buttoning up the Flair for one FO!

The cabin was cloudy and rainy and cold. Lots of work (cleaning and laundry), chasing out the winter visitors! Lacrosse was amazing - but the Eagles lost by two points to take second in state against BSM.

On to Enabling:

I think I was hallucinating on Friday, because actually I have 47 days left in my diet. I'm doing that wishful shopping thing where I put yarn in my cart, and then I close the window and don't actually check out. See, look what I really wanted to buy this morning.
This is Exotic Merino/Cashmere dyed by the Knittery, on sale over at Woolgirl. (Project Spectrum - Next Round of colors?) (I borrowed the picture from Jen - I hope she doesn't mind.) What do you think? (Hello? $19 for cashmere? I'll take it!) Also, Sheri had a Sneak Up last night - she's got some of the Knittery's lovely cashemere too!

Also? Cider Moon and Yarn Ahoy both updated their yummy socky yarn this weekend. They are all conspiring to foil me.

I do get to shop for my SP10 pals final package this week! Does anyone else have big plans for their pal?

So, I'm building an Xcel Spreadsheet from all my contest comments so I'll have a shopping list to check for goodies to show you all!

Friday, May 25, 2007

So which one should I take to the cabin?

I am SO stash-busting right now!
Hmmm...when I come home I will have 45 days left.

Have a great weekend everybody - I'll have pictures when I get back.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

I am so Diabolical!

I have a plan. A plan to enlist you all in my enabling activities!!! Mwaa ha ha ! See, I have a couple copies of this lovely, knitterly book by Debbie Macomber to give away. Three of them, (that is if the third person doesn't mind waiting until after I've read it!!!) I may even throw a skein of sock yarn in your package if I get some really good ideas! (Winner will be by random drawings - Um, how about next Wednesday?)

If you would like one of these copies of Back on Blossom Street, leave me a comment with your favorite place to shop online (yarn, patterns, ideas, or just for something wonderful!) I will add them to my shopping bookmarks and there will be even more enabling!!!

Then, next, I'm going to email Chaos and you know what happens then! He makes Chris post it on her blog and then, hopefully all of her lovely readers will come over here and help me to enable the shoppers!!!

I am so diabolical!
(also, 52 days!)

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

53 days and all I have is enabling for you!
Have I mentioned how yummy this Apple Laine solid in Purple Rain is? Thank you again SP Pal!

The Loopy Ewe did a Sneak Up and she put these on the website:

Gypsy Knits (a wonderful BFL base)
All Things Heather
Apple Laine
Cider Moon (in their Icicle fingering weight, finally!)
Fleece Artist (regular sock yarn plus more Sea Wool)
Scarlet Fleece (new colors)
and The Celtic Swan Needles

I highly recommend the Apple Laine, Cider Moon, ATH (hmmm, I have no J-Knits or Gypsy Knits in my stash....)

Also, Kpixie got some new colors of Blue Sky Alpacas Sportweight in (sigh). I have no more holidays where my family buys for me.

And, of course, Mama-E has updated her warehouse , I would love some Sweet Baby Jane.

I wouldn't be such an enabler if these vendors would just quit e-mailing me all of their yumminess!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Happy Mother's Day!

This is part of what I ordered with my Mom's Day GC from this place. They were very nice!

I have been tagged by the 7 things...

(Sounds like a virus, doesn't it?) Thanks Mia and Knittymama!

I'm supposed to reveal 7 things and then tag 7 people, but frankly, I can't think of 7 people who haven't already been tagged.

1. I was and will always be a daddy's girl, even though he passed away almost ten years ago, I talk to him almost daily. (No he doesn't talk back, at least not so that anyone can hear...)

2. I love to buy presents. I think and think and think about the perfect thing for each person. The biggest pleasure in gift giving for me is when people love what I have picked out for them. I like to think I have given them a gift that makes them happy.

3. I read comic books under my desk for the entire 5th grade. That may have been when I lost my precocious student status. (I still love comic books - oops - Graphic Novels).

4. I am also a complete Sci Fi nut - I read the entire works of Ray Bradbury in Junior High School.

5. I have always been a smart ass. I got it from my dad. (See #1). Both of my sons look to inherit this trait. 'Doh!

6. I dated an Englishman for a short while (really, he had a school tie and everything - I couldn't stand it - I teased him about it and he called me cheeky (See #5). I was in my early 20's and he was ten years older than I was. He also said I was homely; Homely means something entirely different to the Enlish, did you know that? (It means a home-ecky kind of gal - at least that's what he told me.) He took me out to dinner and tried to order Sweetbreads for me, and for himself. I've eaten many things unusual, but I skipped the Sweetbreads.

7. When I was ages 5-10, my father used to go duck hunting and bring his brace home with him and my sister and I and all the neighborhood kids would help to pluck the birds in our garage in our jammies. The best part was dipping the carcasses in hot paraffin, letting them cool, and peeling the cooled paraffin off to pull the pin feathers out. Mom and dad always had a fight when he did that (brought the birds home to be cleaned).

So, this feels like a weird list, but I guess that's the point.

The count is 54.

Monday, May 21, 2007


I kitchnered these this weekend, this is actually the pair that put me up to 4.1 miles on the Sock Yarn Marathon. The pattern is Charade in Ashes and Roses from Seacoast Handpainted purchased at the Loopy Ewe. She's out of the Seacoast Handpainted right now, but I highly recommend it!! These are lovely socks with a nice firm fabric. Very girly.

I cast on my purple Apple Laine from my SP - a little lacy scarf. I pick it up when I need a break from my other projects (stockinette!). It's a four row repeat so very easy. Sometime this week I'm going to cast on my Red Dwarf sock in my STR Monsoon. (If you look in the Free Patterns on Turtlegirl's website - it's right there!)

Go visit Woolgirl - she has got so much gorgeousness going on that I can hardly stand it. Did I mention also, Sock Club?

Also, 55 days left.

Our HS Varsity team beat Minnetonka on Friday (both girls and boys) to win the Regional Championship. They go on to play this Wednesday against Benilde (boys) who is undefeated. My Teen is on the Freshman/Sophmore team and they won their first game on Saturday, but lost to Burnsville in their second game. They won their third game against Prior Lake to take the Consolation Championship - or third place in their Region. They played good, clean, Lacrosse so they were proud of how they played.

Tonight the 5/6 teams start their season with a scrimmage against Chaska, so we start all over again! Go Eagles!

Friday, May 18, 2007

Very short post today.

58 days left.Look, I am on Oxycodone for my migraine this morning - I have been making freeform yarncake art.

Ruby Sapphire updated their handpainted yesterday.
Also, Adam from the Yarn Nerd is gearing up for a Summer of Dying and he has some mini skeins for sale for only $10.
We won 17 to 7 last night - another game tonight! Yay Eagles!

Have a great weekend - I will be attending Lacrosse games, if I bounce back from this headache.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

ETA Special Bulletin:

Pick Up Sticks has yarn and rosewood dpn's on sale - check it out:
Briar Rose arrived - well, some of it! No Fourth of July yet but lots of Sea Pearl and Angel Face. Wow!
-Mama Llama is marked down!

-Spunky Eclectic is marked down!

-Rosewood Straight Knitting Needles are now 1/2 price!

Go spend for me friends, go!

I Swear!

I'm not ordering new yarn (well, except for that gift certificate - but I didn't spend the money - somebody else did!) But, it just keeps showing up on my doorstep!

Really, today I intended to show pretty Spring flower pictures,
My teenager loves this one - he thinks the heart-shaped flowers are really cool.

Mother's Day flower pictures, some puppy pictures, I just thought I had nothing fibery to show you, and then Mia comes through for me and shares her Maryland bounty with me!!! Yesterday, I opened my mailbox and look what I found!!

First, she sent me some Artyarns Ultramerino in a lovely purple/cherry red color and some yummy Tess that I've been watching all those ladies flash from Maryland Sheep. I can make my own Kermit now! Now, I am going to have to rustle around and find something yummy for her! (I'm sure it shouldn't be a problem...)

And Chris was flashing pictures of Killer Bunnies on her website so now I'm going to have to watch the movie because I have images of Silly English Kniggets and cow catapults running through my head.

We were at the first HS Regional Championship Lacrosse game last night with 23 5th & 6th grade boys (DH coaches a team), and we thought it would be beneficial for these beginner players to see some big guys play. We had a riot! Our team also won 16 to 3! They play again tonight against a much tougher team. Go Eagles.

Oh, and Chris also posted about a Summer Goals contest over here (let her know I sent you if you go to visit - I get extra credit!) - so here are my summer goals:

1. Keep up the yarn diet until July 15.
2. 7 Miles of sock yarn knit up. (I'm up to 4)
3. Finish the Bam Boo atrocity
4. Complete Cropped Cardigan from fitted knits/Knitty
5. Finish Flair
6. Cache-coeur from Weekend Knitting
7. Arches & Columns from my Apple Laine

I believe that is sufficient - If I make unbelievable progress, I will update!

59 days to go!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007


All right, so what I am going to show you today is evidence of my real need to be on this yarn diet. Right before I declared before all of blogland and the innernets that "I Am On A Yarn Diet for 90 Days" - I spent my usual amount of time browsing, but way too much time shopping. I placed an order during WEBS big sale. The week before my declaration. Really, I went back and checked my emails. The reason I checked my emails was because the shipment JUST ARRIVED!

Now, normally, I'd be a little peeved that this order didn't arrive, oh, I don't know, like the day before I ordered it. However, this has allowed me the joy of receiving the soft and the squooshy when I am in no way going to be able to order it for a Very. Long. Time. (sigh). Would you like to see it? Of course you would. Here:

I think I am going to make this.

So this makes 60 days much easier to take. However, it doesn't make my stash any smaller, but the intent of this diet was not necessarily to make smaller the stash, but to make smaller the amount of money flying out of my wallet! (I think the smaller stash part is coming over the next 60 days because people, I am making lists!! Lists of yarn, lists of projects completed, lists of projects I wish to make!! Oh boy, lists!)

Also? L&V have emailed me about an update here. Check it out just to read the descriptions. They are promising an update in the morning. (Although the email says 5/15 - I'm assuming they meant 5/16 since 5/15 is today and 11 am has already passed, unless their email is seriously screwed up, which could happen.)

Also, the website for the buttons is here. Bergschultz Buttons. She is going to make me a set of 7 matching buttons and is only asking for $4 and that I return the set I bought. She's totally awesome.

Doesn't 60 days sound much less daunting?

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Sticks and Stones

That's all I bought at Shepherd's Harvest. Really. See?I love using the shorter DPN's and they are not easy to find and, the price was right. Those buttons are for my Flair. Aren't they wonderful? However, I need one more button. I miscounted. I've emailed the artist and hopefully she will make me a set of 8. In the meantime the ends are all woven in and it's neatly folded waiting for the new button.

I spent my gift certificate yesterday - I'll share when the package arrives! The second Charade sock is on the way and the Bam Boo horror will be underway next.

I'm pretty sure she's gotten her first ten, but I got this email about a new Sock Club from Mama E. I'm in her Project Spectrum Sock Club and the yarn has been fabu - check it out!

Hi All,
By popular demand ( and because I am the Club Queen!)
I present the YEAR OF THE SOCK Club.
That's right. One FULL YEAR of C*EYE*BER Fiber Goodness.
This is not just any sock club. It is a club that will Kick off in Late July with a WELCOME KIT and C*EYE*BER Fiber must haves!

And,the first 10 to sign up will get 15% off of your enrollment! How about it?

I'm at day 61 today, I'm feeling like if I make it to 45 it will be a miracle. For sure my stash will be smaller.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

My SP10 Pal Goes Above and Beyond!

I received a package on Friday and this is what I found inside!

A very lovely card:

A book that I currently DO NOT OWN! Yay! Now, what shall I make? I actually really like the sweater on the cover.

Hmmm, with this? Isn't it lovely, such a pretty color. I'll have to start with a scarf - it's so soft and gorgeous.

And (sorry), some rather blurry stitchmarkers - take my word for it, they are very cute.

And a little flower vase - from Texas! I'm hoping for some little flowers from my garden soon, just to have them on my desk.

I finished the sleeves on my Flair yesterday, now I'm chugging away at the neckline - I predict I will finish it tonight. I started my second Charade sock last night.

So, inquiring minds want to know, how was the Shepherd's Harvest? Well, my boys and I had a lovely time. The boys in particular liked the Llamas and Alpacas. I made a few little purchases, I'll show you tomorrow. You should know that none of them are fibery at all! (Unless you count Kettle Corn - that was pretty fibery.) I did fondle some Alpaca yarn very longingly - so soft! However, I remained strong! Day 62 and still going. I will be purchasing some yarn today without breaking my fast!!! My boys gave me a gift certificate to Fabulous Yarn for Mother's Day, and I intend to use it all up today!

Friday, May 11, 2007

My Husband's Response:

Email I sent my husband this morning:

If you wanted to go over to Hudson to visit your mom on Sunday, I wouldn't mind stopping by this in Lake Elmo:

His answer?

You had me at "llama magic". Let's go.

No wonder I love him.

(Really, now I'm done.)

Weekend Blackout

I will be at Lacrosse games from 9-3 on Saturday, and then heading over to the High School for a band concert. Sunday is Mother's Day so I'm hoping to talk the fam into taking a visit to MIL's house (and they can drop me off at Shepherd's Harvest while they visit!) anyway, to make a busy weekend shorter, I probably will not be by this here 'puter too often.

However, I received an email this morning from my friends at Cider Moon and I thought I'd share (enable) the yummy news from them:

Hi, everybody! Just sending out a quick notice that there will be a shop update tomorrow, Saturday the 12th at noon Eastern time. We'll have some one of a kind colors available, some new colorways, and also be restocking some of our regular yarn and fiber. For a sneak peek of what's available, check out the blog (

See that color up there? That's Pat Benatar folks! I can't buy any of it, I'm just posting it because I'm hoping somebody will go and buy it and knit some yummy socks for me to see! Go and buy it people, do it for me!

Day 65.

Also? I got a package from my Secret Pal and now I know where she lives!!! (Unless she had someone ship it for her....) Pictures will follow on Monday, right now I have to go look at patterns....

Baby Boy,

Fifteen years ago today you made your entrance into our lives. Screaming all the way. I wouldn't switch a single hour of it.

Happy Birthday.


Thursday, May 10, 2007

Thank You!

Any of you who picked up that little project purse yesterday, because I went back to buy one last night, and they were ALL GONE!
However, you all know I am clever, right? I found the same bag at I did not buy it though. I want to wait until the Loopy gets it back in so I can get my order credit!!!

So I have no new yarn to show you today, no one has tempted me with the pretty via e-mail lately, and very little progress on the projects (I frogged the pink Bam-Boo, not the sock, the start of the sweater), and I re-cast it on smaller needles. I want to CLARIFY - I love the pink sock yarn, the little bit of bamboo in there is not causing me any issues. As a matter of fact, I am not finding it splitty at all.

However, the Classic Elite Bam Boo 100% bamboo? ARGGGH, split, tangle, twist and flop. Every time I finish a row, the cast on long tail is tangled in a knot around my working yarn. It's like banging your head against a brick wall. I would not buy, nor recommend this yarn to anyone. HOWEVER, (big however, right?) I am going to finish this sweater in the Bam Boo because I love the pink and I bought the yarn.

You did know that Lime-n-Violet have opened their own online store, didn't you? With roving, yarn and other goodies?

So, do you all read the Grumperina? I totally did exactly as she recommended this morning and went to check out the True Jeans website. Only because my jeans situation is pretty dire here. Pretty cool. I'll let you know how I like my jeans when they get here.

Day 66 here at casa Guinifer - and Rani? absolutely taken in the spirit intended!

Oh, and just to get a little more enabling in? Pick Up Sticks updated today and she has dpn organizers. Do you think I need one!!! Mwaaa hahaha!

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

I Made It!

Remember I said I had that pile of dpns? Well here it is, and I promise you not a size 7 in the whole pile. I made it in and out of the LYS yesterday with a set of size 7 Brittany dpns (and a couple of pattern books) but NO YARN! In case you weren't following the saga - 67 days. Seriously, people are starting to use my name in vain.

Just a little bit of enabling:

I really would like this little project purse - isn't it elegant? Sheri over at The Loopy Ewe has put up her "sneak up", and look at the Pocket Pal:
I did not buy them ( avoiding the impulse purchase), but I know I am going to be thinking about them both all day.

I present to you, my pile 'o pink:

The sock is nearing the home stretch. The Bam-Boo? Splitty, splitty, splitty - twisty, twisty, twisty, and the fabric? Floppy, floppy, floppy. I'm not frogging yet, because I'm stubborn that way. However, this yarn may not be entirely appropriate for this pattern.

Flair Update:

Nearing the end of sleeve #1. One sleeve and the neckline edging remain. I haven't gone button shopping, but that's next.

So how'd I do? No new yarn enabling for you today.

Monday, May 07, 2007

It's all a Charade!

This yarn is so beautiful. Seriously, and I love how it knits up in this pattern. Seacoast Handpainted Yarns Panda in Ashes and Roses. (60% merino 30% bamboo 10% nylon) from the Loopy Ewe (of course). She's it out of the Seacoast right now, but she's expecting another shipment this month. This will be on my list coming out of the yarn diet.

Check out this very cool sock pattern I found in my bloggy wanderings. This is going onto the pile - very monkey-esque. Hmmm, maybe my Monsoon would look nice in this pattern.

Cast on the Bam-boo this morning. After the regularly scheduled treadmill grind, I'm off to the Post Office - must mail the rest of the LAX fundraiser envelopes. Then I am off to the LYS to see if I can find some size 7 dpns. Seriously. I have a crazy pile of dpn's and not a size 7 amongst the whole bunch. I have circs and straights, but no dpns and Flair will not be finished without them. I will have to wear a blindfold as I walk past all the yarn to the back of the store where they keep the needles. I believe I have 68 days left.


Turn it upside down, and it's still the same!

I just posted last night, but I got an email this morning from this nice lady.

That pretty black and pink up there is new this week. Her e-mail informed me of the following goodness coming up this week. Sigh. 69.

I tell you, verbatim:

Updates for the week of May 8th, 2007

We have lots of yarn coming in this week, including:

¨ Union Center Knits – a multitude of colors, including Woolgirl and Kitty’s Eyes

¨ Zen Yarn Garden – surprise colorways which will be unique to Woolgirl

¨ Lavender Sheep – new fingering weight colorways added. Stunning colorways!

¨ Noro – a few additional colors of Noro being added

¨ Spunky Eclectic – Spunky is scheduled to arrive later this week in many, many colors!

¨ The Fibre Company – lots of Terra colorways arriving this week!

¨ JO Designs – additional gift boxes arriving with sheep motifs!

¨ Lantern Moon – additional tape measure designs

¨ Cosa Nova – new tape measure designs arriving this week!

A Contest!

Woolgirl’s first official contest is now underway at Woolgirl’s blog, located at It’s a color contest, and the prizes include yarn and other goodies, so check it out!

New Indie Dyers

We have 2 new Indie dyers joining the shop in May. You’re going to love their yarn and colorways! Stay tuned….

Sunday, May 06, 2007


Since I can't shop for 70 more days, I may as well use up some of my stash, huh?

This has been on the list for quite a while now, and since the warm weather is rolling back around, guess I'll give it a go.

Oh, and Emily Parson is going to have some of her Sophie's Toes up on her Etsy shop tomorrow at 7:00 PM, Central Time. Be there on time and you may get some VERY yummy sock yarn. Love her. I apologize to my friends beset by my wishful posting.

(I'm casting off the hem of my Flair tonight! Now, there are just sleeves!)

Friday, May 04, 2007

I've Never Been to Boston in the Fall....

Check it out. The perfect blend of Johnny Depp and VegiTales is right here.

Flair progress and the new Charade socks:
(There's some Monsoon STR on the ground next to the stool, trying to decide what pattern it wants to be.)

(ETA: I joined this club over a month and a half ago. I received an e-mail and the club filled in about half a day. This is the first shipment!) Well, I joined the Pureknits Yarntini sock yarn of the month club, I hesitated because of the price, but holy moly, looked what I got in the mail today:

So Lucy Neatby's book, some soak, some lip balm, stitch markers from, a ROCKIN' bag from misocrafty, and of course a matching skein of sock yarn in Pure Breeze Stripe. Good decision!!

Thursday, May 03, 2007


Just a little bitty peep at the yarn I ordered for my SP10 Pal. I won't even tell you where it's from 'cause she might see this!

I finished my Mad Basketweave socks today, even picked up the Flair for a little while. The yarn is Vesper self-striping in the Crew colorway.

AND, in case anyone wanted to know, Pure Knits has a little bit of Yarntini up at their site. Oh, it's such lovely know...73 days and all.


Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Hello, Kettle here. Just saying "Hi" to all you Pots!!!

(Do I need to explain that?)

ETA: Can I just say that yesterday's prettiness was a stash flash - see I'm having to go to the archives to find it!

No work on Flair in the last 24 hours - I have been Fundraiser Queen for our Youth Lacrosse Association, so I have been working furiously on that project. In between e-mails, I knit a row or two on my second Mad Weave Sock.

That lovely green/yellow/pink - think Project Spectrum - skein of sock yarn is from C*eye*ber Fiber PS Sock Club. Her shop is closed right now because she's on vacation, but she has a blog, too. The Pretty came in the mail yesterday, it definitely made me think Easter. You didn't think I was going to stop linking and posting the pretties, did you?

I got an email from Sheri at The Loopy Ewe this morning - she updated last night with many yummy yarns. This is what she says, "I added all colors of Interlacements Tiny Toes, 30 new colors of Claudia, a big batch of Cider Moon, new Schaefer Andrea, fun colors in Schaefer Lola, and a few skeins of Perchance to Knit's lace yarn. (More of that coming in other colorways, soon!) I also added the Woolpets Loopy Ewe felting kit."

Also, Ruby Sapphire has updated their Etsy site with some of their Luster sock yarn - Merino Tencel. Do I have to say it? I can't buy because - 74 days - but you can! Check it out!!!

I do have a confession to make, however. My SP9 pal is from Amsterdam and she e-mailed me yesterday asking me to buy some sock yarn for her to give to her SP10 pal!!! She's so cute - she basically offered me a sneaky way to buy yarn - for somebody else!!! Yay Yvonne! Go say "hi!", and yell at her for enabling me.

So, who's going to give me grief today, huh?

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

She's BACK!Retro Bleu Superwash Handpainted

Grit and Innocence Handpainted DK

Chocolat Cherry Handpainted Fingering

Yarn Ahoy is back from her philanthropical travels - I LOVE her color combinations! She's got a limited selection posted - but keep an eye for her new, travel-inspired colors.

75 Days. I am wavering because yesterday I found Katherine Hargreaves' website. Oh, I am so sad I have to wait 75 days to order from that website. Just look at Glee! Oh, and Pure? And Lily? I'm 16% through my goal. Hey! Mother's Day! Folks, I think I found an angle.

I'm off to finish a sock. Also, the website for the designer of the Mad Weave sock is right here. I've left her a comment asking about pattern availability. I know that one of the patterns is for sale - the link is at the Sock Madness website. I'll post a link if I hear that the Mad Weave is available.

Boy, have I been a linky gal today!

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