Friday, May 11, 2007

My Husband's Response:

Email I sent my husband this morning:

If you wanted to go over to Hudson to visit your mom on Sunday, I wouldn't mind stopping by this in Lake Elmo:

His answer?

You had me at "llama magic". Let's go.

No wonder I love him.

(Really, now I'm done.)

You are a lucky gal. I have a guy like that, too. We are both lucky!
I want to go too. Take me. Now how far is Adrian from there??????
Aww, that's so sweet! : )
it made me laugh... do enjoy your weekend and do lots of talking instead of e-mailing :-)
Love it!

BTW - there's a personal entry just for you at my blog. :-)
Just be careful when you're looking at the baby llamas. I took some pictures of them and Jeanne nearly dragged me away, because one of the adult llamas (mama llama?!) started to move menacingly toward me......
I can't wait to hear your report. I had a delightful day yesterday.

Happy Mother's Day.
Can't wait to read your report on the Festival. What a great husband to go with you!

Happy Mother's Day.
hmmmmm. but no mention of your yarn drought . . .

Hope you had a great time and a good mother's day.
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