Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Oh Yes, I'm Home

So, is there anywhere in the world that still has a climate I can live in? Not lovin' the heat and humidity.

Some knitting progress to report this weekend, not much, but some. Half a sock, anyway. I plan on finishing the back of the Bam Boo mess this week, finishing sock #1 (which is STR Monsoon from the Rockin' Sock Club - FYI), and buttoning up the Flair for one FO!

The cabin was cloudy and rainy and cold. Lots of work (cleaning and laundry), chasing out the winter visitors! Lacrosse was amazing - but the Eagles lost by two points to take second in state against BSM.

On to Enabling:

I think I was hallucinating on Friday, because actually I have 47 days left in my diet. I'm doing that wishful shopping thing where I put yarn in my cart, and then I close the window and don't actually check out. See, look what I really wanted to buy this morning.
This is Exotic Merino/Cashmere dyed by the Knittery, on sale over at Woolgirl. (Project Spectrum - Next Round of colors?) (I borrowed the picture from Jen - I hope she doesn't mind.) What do you think? (Hello? $19 for cashmere? I'll take it!) Also, Sheri had a Sneak Up last night - she's got some of the Knittery's lovely cashemere too!

Also? Cider Moon and Yarn Ahoy both updated their yummy socky yarn this weekend. They are all conspiring to foil me.

I do get to shop for my SP10 pals final package this week! Does anyone else have big plans for their pal?

So, I'm building an Xcel Spreadsheet from all my contest comments so I'll have a shopping list to check for goodies to show you all!

The STR yarn looks pretty in that sock pattern.
Cold all weekend at the cabin? Alas...
That STR sock is fabulous.

I'll bet your glad to have the cabin all summer ready.

Woohoo, Eagles!
Should we just call you the "Insane Sock Knitter" and leave it at that? I've worked on only one half of one sock in the last week - this is no fair - nnnnoooo fair!

Enjoy your cabin!
Don't come to DC if you don't like heat and humidity. And you are still enabling.
I LOVE the buttons in that picture!
happy knitting-
Thy buttons in your picture are WAY cool! Tell us more about them - please.
The merino/cashmere is beautiful. Great colours too. And yes... I'm ready for the final parcel for my SP10. Thanks to you! Greets from a rainy, very rainy Amsterdam...
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