Wednesday, May 09, 2007

I Made It!

Remember I said I had that pile of dpns? Well here it is, and I promise you not a size 7 in the whole pile. I made it in and out of the LYS yesterday with a set of size 7 Brittany dpns (and a couple of pattern books) but NO YARN! In case you weren't following the saga - 67 days. Seriously, people are starting to use my name in vain.

Just a little bit of enabling:

I really would like this little project purse - isn't it elegant? Sheri over at The Loopy Ewe has put up her "sneak up", and look at the Pocket Pal:
I did not buy them ( avoiding the impulse purchase), but I know I am going to be thinking about them both all day.

I present to you, my pile 'o pink:

The sock is nearing the home stretch. The Bam-Boo? Splitty, splitty, splitty - twisty, twisty, twisty, and the fabric? Floppy, floppy, floppy. I'm not frogging yet, because I'm stubborn that way. However, this yarn may not be entirely appropriate for this pattern.

Flair Update:

Nearing the end of sleeve #1. One sleeve and the neckline edging remain. I haven't gone button shopping, but that's next.

So how'd I do? No new yarn enabling for you today.

I'm not sure that bag enabling is an improvement!! :D
Enabling is enabling whether it's about sock yarn or not. And you are the champion.
Rats! I managed to step away from those divine bags last night and bugger if you don't go and dangle one in front of me - gorgeous! i think you should get one, it's not yarn and I would appreciate a full review of said bag, lol.
Thanks for the reprieve! And I'm thoroughly impressed that you walked out of the store sans yarn. Impressive!

And I hope I didn't offend. . .
I know that the Seacoast is splitty and kind of annoying but it feels really good on your feet. I did a pair in the Sunrise. I love them.
I love that bag! I need to have one! And I would have if I didn't get interupted at work.
Brava! I have a set of Fiddlesticks needles and they are the sharpest natural dpns I've used to date.
Hey, comments on your "True Jeans" post are turned off....
oh, no, no bags... (and no shoes...). Why is it that I always love your pinks? The sock pink that is. The other one is too much. :-)
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