Thursday, May 03, 2007


Just a little bitty peep at the yarn I ordered for my SP10 Pal. I won't even tell you where it's from 'cause she might see this!

I finished my Mad Basketweave socks today, even picked up the Flair for a little while. The yarn is Vesper self-striping in the Crew colorway.

AND, in case anyone wanted to know, Pure Knits has a little bit of Yarntini up at their site. Oh, it's such lovely know...73 days and all.


You must be stopped. You tease!!
the socks are terrific!
Cute socks, I just join Sockapalooze to encourage me to finish both socks!
That's another nice pair of socks.
I like the sneak peek at the SP yarn. And I want your socks!!! Just wait, this weekend is a fiber festival. And I am buying for other people.....
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