Saturday, September 29, 2007

Great News!

Kona is in the clear! They got the entire growth and everything was non-cancerous. Believe it or not - mid-August he stuck his nose into some sort of wasp or hornet nest and got very stung - all over his head. His whole face was swollen. We treated him with Benadryl and St. Joseph's Baby Aspirin (even though they don't call it that anymore, and it's not orange flavored anymore either) for the pain and swelling. Evidently that incident left a little gift behind that caused a very large irritant /inflammation. Yay! Puppy's all better.

My car is lovely and if the sun ever comes out again, I'll take a picture of the actual vehicle.

Puck's football team kicked some serious booty this morning, despite the world's worst officiating. (Seriously! How can one team get called for "Pushing from behind" 6 times, and the other team not get called for offsides, face masks, interference or illegal formation?) Woot! 20 to 0! They had two opponents this morning - the other team and the officials.

In the meantime, I am watching Dr. Who and knitting away on Arwen.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Waiting for Phone Calls

So, I don't want to leave the house today, I am waiting for phone calls. One of them is very exciting, and the other is stretching my nerves as far as they will go.

The exciting one is the call telling me I can go pick up this:

My lovely new red Jeep! (Four doors! There's room for the tuba and football gear in there!)

The second? Is from the Vet's office with the results from the histopathologist from Kona's biopsy. Sorry there's not much to see here today, just me, waiting on phone calls.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Sock Yarn Clubs!

So, someone asked me how many Sock Yarn Clubs I belonged to. The answer? A few.

Rockin' Sock Club
It all started back when BMFA opened the (I think) second round of their Rockin' Sock Club. I stalked the website and pounced when it opened. Now, in my book, ANY BMFA sock yarn is fine with me - there's hardly a colorway I don't like. I've only used one of my club skeins to knit up so far (Monsoon), but I've not used any of the patterns they've sent. I really don't like toe up, and one was just too fussy for my tastes.

So, that being said, here are the two regular sock yarn colorways Flower Power and Firebird.

This is the skein of Silkie that we got. This is a really lovely yarn - I may make something besides socks with this. Would I join this club again? I'd like to pay less and just get the yarn (no patterns, etc.) Answer: Maybe

C*eye*ber Fiber Project Spectrum Sock Yarn Club

There were lots of Sock Yarn Clubs all starting up around the same time - I thought two would be the perfect number - and keep me in pressies at the mailbox during the "Great Yarn Fast of 07". I joined the C*eye*ber Fiber Project Spectrum Sock Yarn Club because I'd decided to try and participate in Project Spectrum and this would be my solution! The top photo shows that I actually have knit with some of the sock yarns I've received (the red/black pair of socks).

I felt like her communication was not great and it always took a really long time to get the yarn after she emailed that the packages went out. I love her colorways - they're really nice. I'm not wild about her base yarn. Would I join this club again? Answer: Probably not. I will however probably check out some of her other base yarns because I do like her colors.
Pureknits/Yarntini Sock Yarn Club

Well, I thought two would be the perfect number, and then I got the email about the Yarntini club. Seriously? Hello? Yarntini!! I stalk this stuff. The Yarntini Sock Yarn Club was the spendiest of the three clubs that I joined, one after the other. However, this photo does not show EVERYTHING I received in this club. There were also a set of Stitchkeepers and a sock knitting book and a pair of Rosewood dpn's. I love Yarntini yarns and the extras were just a bonus. The Cricosaurus are the next pair of socks to be cast on. Gotta love that green! Would I join again? Most definitely!
(Edited to correct items received!) Sock Club

I don't think either photo does true justice to the color of this yarn - but if you check the Club Blog, you may see better representations.

I joined this club after my yarn fast was finished because I knew two of my three clubs were ending in August. This is my first shipment from this sock club and I am very satisfied with the quantity and quality of the first shipment. I really like Jennifer, the owner of Woolgirl. She is working really hard and has all sorts of really interesting yarns at her store. Would I join again? Probably, yes.

Kona is home and seems to be in some pain and more than a little mental anguish. Seriously, labs are so sensitive! At least we have pain meds for the physical pain. The biopsy sample has been sent to the Histiopath and the vet says we may hear by Saturday morning if we are lucky. All fingers and legs are crossed here at our house.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Well, doesn't life just seem to get in the way?

Sock Club Post is still coming, but I've had a few things pop up that are requiring attention. I'm having to shop for and negotiate a deal for a new car - mine (a lease) gets turned in on 10/1 and the deal I thought I had for a new vehicle fell through and now I'm having to hunt one down.

Then, I took Kona in to the vet yesterday to check a "thing" on his nose and the Doctor took a needle biopsy and didn't like what she saw. Long story short, our puppy is at the vet this morning having the "thing" removed and biopsied, he is under anesthesia because of the location of the growth. The vet did not want to say the "C" word, but I could tell she was very concerned (note the swiftness of the biopsy.) Please, cross your fingers, my little family would be devastated by another pet loss.

Last, but not least, Knittymama (our lovely Coffee Swap Hostess), is having a contest. Make a donation to Sow the Seeds supporting our recently devastated Southern Wisconsin/Minnesota Organic farmers, and get your name put in the "hat" for some lovely prizes. See all the details here. The contest ends 9/29 and she's trying to reach $300 - not such a lofty goal! Now, back to that Sock Yarn Club post....

Sunday, September 23, 2007


I am so looking forward to this sweater being finished(I am 1/3 through it). I am loving the look of the cables; I can hardly wait to wear it. Of course, that has nothing to do with this pattern that I spied in the new WEBS catalog. The Olive Branch Yoga Hoodie - $1.49 via PDF download! I have so many sweaters on my "Wish List" - I can only hope to get a fraction of them finished.

We had a gorgeous weekend here - although it was a tad humid here for me today. It was a gorgeous day for football on Saturday - too bad we had such a mixed weekend. Puck's team played on Thursday for an awe-inspiring victory. Honestly, these kids were on a mission. Mostly because some boys on the other team had been "trash talking" them in a particularly nasty way all week long. However, the boys met their match on Saturday. They got beat by one touchdown. One nice thing we saw however, the "trash talking" team showed up to cheer our boys on! I love eleven year old boys so much, at least the boys that are Puck's teammates. Most of them are about the team, not the win, it's really nice to see (although, don't get me wrong, they certainly LOVE the win).

Tomorrow: Sock Yarn Clubs!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Anybody know a good plumber?

Sheesh. The kids shower/tub started leaking this morning - yuk. Well this kind of thing always leads to cleaner closets at my house.

Let's see, shall we start with FO's? I am so proud of myself - I have been really productive this last week.

Cropped Cardigan with leaf ties by Stefanie Japel

I started this in July and I finished the last little leaf yesterday. I am giving this to my SIL for her birthday in November. I used six skeins of Rowan Calmer (actually 5 1/64), I have almost an entire skein remaining. This was a really easy knit - and oh so soft. (I haven't blocked it yet, but I am not imagining that to be terribly labor intensive endeavor.)

Then, last night, I cast on this:

This is Berocco Ultra Alpaca in a spicey-brown color. It is going to be very comfy and cozy because this one is for me!

Then, I pulled this from my stash. This is Blue Sky Alpacas Sport Weight and I am going to knit their Hooded Pullover out of this - I think my little sis might like this for her birthday.Earlier this week I received a few lovely packages, one was a gift and one from the VK Book Club.

This, was a "feel better" gift from Bert and Chief and their buddy Jill. Isn't this sweet? It made me feel better right away.
And this? Well this made me feel better too. This looks to be an awesome idea source.

Puck's got a football game at the EP Dome tonight - yay, rah! Go Black! I might even try to take a picture or two.

Now I have to go and reinstall itunes. For some reason it's telling me that I am missing some files. *sigh*

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Just as my sock yarn clubs are winding down (my last Yarntini shipment was sent today), my new club kicked in. This is my yarn from the sock yarn club. There's a very cute pattern, the beautiful yarn (Miss Babs Sportweight in the Waterfall colorway), a Sock Knitter's Journal with a pen, and you can't see it in this photo but there's a lovely stitchmarker made with a crystal. It's hanging off of the pen. Sorry about the photo quality - the Minnesota weather is not cooperating today with any sort of sunshine to brighten the photos. Woolgirl just got the Lobster Pot in stock and I'm shopping for a lace yarn. I'm going give one of those KAL's a try, just to challenge myself.

This was my practice for the lace:


Here is my FO - another poor photo! This is my Cables and Arches scarf knit from Apple Laine Apple Pie. Here's a mirror photo: - best I could do in my sleepy state this morning. And if you saw me last with a great long ponytail back there - yes - I cut it all off.

I've received some lovely books this week, some knitting-related and some not, I'll give you a mini review later this week. In the meantime I've been watching David Tennant in Casanova on YouTube and I started the first season of Six Feet Under this week.

I am starting the I-cord for my Leafy Cardigan this morning - I hope to have another FO before the week is out. Sitting next to me on my desk waiting to be cast on: Cardigan for Arwen in Berroco Ultra, Snow White and my Pure Cricosaura's in Yarntini. One at a time, I'm hoping. I may just cover each one in a separate post - more fodder for the mill. In the meantime, the treadmill is calling.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Little Less Soggy Today.

After four days of fairly regular sobbing, I really need to stick my head back out and check on the weather. Looks like sweater weather to me?

Hey, I have an FO! (and really, I should have two more in very short order!)

My Blood Mary Socks! (I've linked it before, but it's here. See the sidebar.)

The yarn is Cherry Blossom Fibers Hand-dyed Superwash merino - - the colorway is Raspberry Truffle mini-striping. I used 98% of the 360 yards in the skein. This pattern took me a little longer than my usual sock, but I am sure I will be wearing them a ton with my new Keen clogs! (Yay Zappos! WHAT? I don't JUST enable knitting supplies purchasing, you know!)
This came on Monday, but I was too sad to yap about pretty new yarn. Seriously, this is my last shipment from the C*eye*ber Fiber Project Spectrum Sock Yarn Club and I have to say, this is my very favorite! It is Project Spectrum, but, could it be any more of a Vikings Football colorway?

My DH has been asking for a "spare" dog to pair with Kona for hunting and now we have an empty spot in our house, seems like we might be filling it right back up. This handsome stud
has been bred with this lovely bitch, and we have put in a request for a young man from this litter. Perhaps coming home at the end of January? I dread the potty training, but it'll be fun to have a little guy in the house.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Goodbye Little Kitty

We finally reached a battle we couldn't win. Severe Renal Failure shouldn't be a surprise I guess, if you are the equivalent of 92 years old. You've been a good friend, Hooter Bear (and I am sorry I let my husband give you that silly name, but it seemed to work). I am sure there are ferocious chipmunks and mice to battle, and large sunbeams to stretch out in where you are going. I wish I had been able to give you catnip and cantelope every day, but I tried. All that seems to be left of you is your purr, and I am so reluctant to let that go. I will miss you every day, little kitty.
Be at peace.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

No news.

ETA: I think Deb says it well: Here.

We are waiting on the results of a fortune's worth of blood tests. HB has been happily munching on tuna this morning. I expect to hear from the Vet later this morning.

On a lighter (more enabling) note, have you seen these?

My buddy Yvonne in Amsterdam emailed me yesterday and wanted to know if I would allow her to ship a Knitpicks order to my house to be forwarded to her (since KP does not ship to the Netherlands at this time). Hmmmm, I said sure, can you throw a little somethin'-somethin' on there for me - like these?

I had her order three sizes (I already have the metal versions so I didn't need the cords). I can hardly wait!!!!

I got my last C*eye*ber Fiber Sock Club Project Spectrum shipment yesterday - no photos yet - but I'll try to take a nice one this afternoon. The Woolgirl sock club is shipping this week too!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Facing the Music.

So, while the peace and quiet has allowed me to relax. The lull in activity has also forced me to look at things and realize the truth. You may not be able to tell from this photo, but little HB(who topped out at 10 1/2 pounds in her prime), is weighing in at about 5 pounds right now.

(And she was one tough kitty in her prime - she hunted mice and carried live chipmunks into my house - just for me. She would then "MAO MAO" at the top of her lungs, with her mouth full, to let me know she had a gift for me. She would wander the neighborhood and station herself at the edge of electric fences to taunt the large dogs who could not get to her. Tough. She is tough.)

While she is still drinking, she has almost entirely stopped eating her dry food. I've managed to get her to eat some tuna in the last day, but I feel she is beginning to fail. This morning, soon, we are making a trip to see Dr. Toogood to have a reality check. Wish us well.

Friday, September 07, 2007

All this Peace and Quiet...

has made us a little bit lazy around here. One of us is not enjoying the absence of the kids - two guesses who it is. Has anyone else had a Lab that moans? Seriously. This guy will climb upstairs and flop himself down on the floor and moa-oa-oa-oan and groa-oa-oa-oan.

I have been seriously yearning for sweaters and the stash acquisition is growing accordingly. First, I saw some of this somewhere online (for the life of me, I cannot remember where), but look at the twist on this stuff. Shelridge Farm Soft Touch W4 Wool . Yummy. This is Pumpkin Pie.I am thinking of Ysolde's Snow White pattern.

Then I bought this up in Cable last weekend, I couldn't NOT buy some yarn at this far flung LYS. Some yummy Berroco Ultra Alpaca.

So soft and lovely. This is going to be the Jade Empire sweater from the latest Knitting Universe issue.

Some Araucania Nature Wool from Webs latest sale. This is going to be the BSA's Hooded Pullover - yum!!!!

There are other new sweater yarns in my stash, but if I can get through this list first - we'll add some more. First I have to finish up a few things:

1. Leafy Cardigan (one sleeve and the ties left)
2. Arches & Columns Apple Laine Purple Rain Scarf (about halfway done).
3. Second Bloody Mary/Slightly Bruised sock (just finished the cuff).

I worked on every one of projects numbered 1-3 today.

We have football for Puck tomorrow morning and a Battle of the Bands for the Teenager tomorrow evening. He's a member of a group at the school called Soulfire. They are dedicated to providing appropriate teenage entertainment (ROCK N ROLL), without smoking or drugs. Huh, who knew?

Sunday at our house is NFL and Fantasy Football. DH has two teams and Puck has two teams. Did you watch New Orleans get smoked last night? My guys had a couple of Colts' players and they were very happy this morning.

Two of Puck's friends have parents that are going through divorce, so we are handling some heavy questions here at our house. One appears to be happening with the parents bending over backwards to make things OK for the kids. The other is horribly acrimonious, one of the parents is angry and vindictive and the kids are taking the brunt of her anger. It makes my boy very sad for his friend.

Everyone gets extra hugs at my house tonight.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Hooter-Bear and I say "Aaaaaah."

The kids have gone back to school and that means we get the house (the much neater house) all to ourselves. That means a little more posting and a lot more knitting. I might even get to cook some real meals once in a while!

HB is a very crotchety old lady - she has been with me since 1988. She's a little bitty old bag of bones right now. She stalks around the bedroom and yells at us and then walks on our heads purring all night. She's old as the hills and healthy as she can be. My husband cannot believe she is still alive. She may outlive us both.

The weekend at the cabin was lovely, and I did get some knitting done, but not a lot. The weather was fantastic and I had some lovely early morning walks (I get up around 6:30 and go for a three mile walk and commune with the wildlife - a doe and her two yearlings stood at the end of my driveway every morning this weekend. My send-off committee?) My SIL came up from Stillwater on Saturday and my little stroll pales in comparison to her 18 mile run. Sheesh. She's running the TC Marathon in a couple of weeks.
The Leafy Cardigan is inching along. Endless stockinette - I can do this in the dark, but sometimes I just don't want to.
I love this sock! This is my "Slightly Bruised Mary" (Bloody Mary Socks (PDF file) from over at I May Be Knitting a Ranch House). I love this yarn, it's got a very slight sheen to it, and the colors are so lovely. Cherry Blossom Fibers

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