Tuesday, May 01, 2007

She's BACK!Retro Bleu Superwash Handpainted

Grit and Innocence Handpainted DK

Chocolat Cherry Handpainted Fingering

Yarn Ahoy is back from her philanthropical travels - I LOVE her color combinations! She's got a limited selection posted - but keep an eye for her new, travel-inspired colors.

75 Days. I am wavering because yesterday I found Katherine Hargreaves' website. Oh, I am so sad I have to wait 75 days to order from that website. Just look at Glee! Oh, and Pure? And Lily? I'm 16% through my goal. Hey! Mother's Day! Folks, I think I found an angle.

I'm off to finish a sock. Also, the website for the designer of the Mad Weave sock is right here. I've left her a comment asking about pattern availability. I know that one of the patterns is for sale - the link is at the Sock Madness website. I'll post a link if I hear that the Mad Weave is available.

Boy, have I been a linky gal today!

Thanks for the links. When one can't buy yarn, one knits and surfs! Hang in there.
Your P socks are gorgeous!!

Ha - I knew you would find an angle. No one's giving you May Day yarn?? ;D
Stop! Just stop! I'm buying way more yarn than I'm knitting these days!

But yes, please, when you find out when the Mad Weave Sock pattern is available, let us know...I'd love to buy it.
Keep window shopping. I am waiting until after the show this weekend.
Well, look at it this way...all your links are very enabling, so yarn is being purchased even though you aren't doing the actual purchasing.
Glad Yarn Ahoy is back! Lots of semi-solds that tempted me...
That first colorway is THE COOLEST I have seen in awhile. You are such and enabler!! :-)
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