Friday, May 30, 2008

Knit Ditty!

How do you like my new little bag? Perfect size for a sock project and I plan on having half a dozen (pair of socks, that is) going very shortly! I picked up a few sets of stitch markers as well! (I do love Hide and Sheep). I picked up the bag over at a new Etsy shop - SewBendy - check it out! (I unloaded some of my stash on Ravelry so I had a lovely little Paypal balance to use up.)

Puck's Lacrosse team had a wonderful game on Tuesday night, they defeated Edina White 12-2. It was a little unfair - our team has 22 kids - enough for a few lines to switch in and out. The Edina team only had 13 kids - that gives them three subs and some pretty tired Middies.

The Teen and I went to see Spamalot last night (he got tickets from his aunt for Christmas). It was excellent fun. He had to miss his Lacrosse playoff game, but the team achieved a victory without him. Now they're in the Finals against an undefeated Maple Grove team.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

All Right, One FO.

But it's so SOFT.

I liked that Nutkin pattern so much, I just used a bigger needle to make it lacier.

Now, I know I won't be wearing this until Football season, but it's so soft!

Pattern: My adaptation of the Nutkin pattern over 120 stitches Yarn: Handmaiden Cashmere and Silk in Sangria Needles: Denise Circulars US 8 Started: May 18, 2008 Completed: May 26, 2008. Note: Did I mention this stuff is soft?

I did finish one of the Nutkin socks, but I thought I'd try to finish off my Hareton sock before I cast on the second Nutkin. I'm going to cast on the Arch-Shaped Socks next, perhaps I can find a manly color in my stash.

The EPHS Boys and Girls Lacrosse had the State Championship denied this year. The girls lost their first game in almost three years, and the boys took second place for the second year in a row. I think the girls were really astonished to be defeated. The boys, however, achieved much more than was expected of them. They are a young team with very few graduating Seniors, so I see a bright future for them.

Tonight, Puck's Youth Lacrosse team has their first game, so I am on my way to sideline duty. The Teen's Freshman/Sophomore team has a playoff game on Thursday - more sideline duty! Gotta run!

Friday, May 23, 2008


So yesterday I was in the salon where I regularly get my hair cut. Four adult women stood behind the reception counter trying to decide how to spell "vacuum". The receptionist's spell check was marking anything she entered as incorrect. No dictionary, no internet (really? on both counts, really?) I piped up and told them the correct spelling. None of them believed me. They proceeded to ask every client that came in the door. One by one, the customers gave these women the same answer (same as mine), they only believed the man. Sigh.

Hippy Ripply Socks:

Pattern: Hippy Ripply Retro Socks by Helen Darmara (that is a link to her website where she has posted the corrected pattern) Yarn: Vesper Self-Striping in Tainted Love Needles: Knitpick's Harmony US 1 / 2.25 mm. Started: May 3, 2008 Completed: May 22, 2008. Note: This is only my second toe-up sock and I found this pattern particularly hard to follow. Evidently there were a few errors (chart did not match written instructions). I really just improvised and was relatively happy with the finished product. The top was a picot cast-off and I think I would go for a ribbed cuff next time because the cast-off doesn't match the pattern (in my opinion.) Also? These are totally Witchie-Poo socks. I LOVE the base on this Vesper - a little slippier than some of her others - these socks will be yummy to wear. Mods: I changed the heel to a garter short row - I was having enough difficulty with the pattern so I just decided to make it easy on myself. AND, I was pretty happy I was able to match the stripes up.

Cabin time this weekend. I plan to have some FO's on Tuesday.

ALSO? The EP Boys LAX team made it to the Finals. They beat Eastview in an awesome defensive victory! They are going to need every skill they have to win tonight, so GO EP! The game is at 8:00 at Wayzata. (The girls got beat for the first time in TWO YEARS last night! 10-11 in OT against Blake!) Lacrosse is a fast-moving interesting game, play strategy is more like a combination of basketball and hockey (with almost no physical contact in the girls' version - girls' LAX is truly a game of finesse and speed). If you are anywhere near the Wayzata High School stadium, stop by for an excellent example of well-played Lacrosse, these two teams have a few players who could play in the East Coast leagues.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My Children Are Out for Revenge...

The Teen left the gate open on Monday night and Kona got into the rec room that contains 80 gazillion Lego pieces and the garbage from the Teen's weekend takeout. So Tuesday afternoon Kona threw up the remains of 4 wooden Teriyaki Chicken Skewers and a couple of flattened pennies from the zoo. The wooden skewers were the scary part - they looked like a handful of toothpicks, very sharp toothpicks. So guess what - Kona made his SECOND trip to the Emergency Vet for stomach X-rays and induced emesis.

Then, Puck brought me his new laptop (that he purchased with the proceeds of a years allowance, birthday money and the sale of his old video games) - he changed the password and made a typo and he couldn't re-create the password. I nearly cried. Eight hours later, I had re-loaded the original software onto the computer and I crawled into bed around 2 am.

ETA: The Teen's birthday gift was a subsidized purchase of a new cell phone - he hasn't even finished paying for his half - the phone came home yesterday with broken pixellated touchscreen. Luckily we made him pay for insurance. Sheesh.

Today, the sun is shining and my knitting looks all pretty sitting on my desk waiting for me to pick it up.

(Seriously? The latest recorded snowfall in Minnesota was May 26?) I'm taking my mom out for a belated Mother's Day lunch, going to watch the Teen play Lacrosse this evening, and then we are going to watch the Varsity battle for a spot in the State Finals.

Also? Wishes for a speedy recovery Senator Kennedy.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

No Teen Drivers Here!

Heck, he didn't even get to take the test - poor kid. Time to go and we couldn't find the SS#, and then the proof of insurance went missing. Sheesh. You'd think his mom was trying to sabotage him or something! Drivers license test has been re-scheduled for June 13. Hmm. Friday the 13th. What am I, nuts?

I am however, inordinately proud of this crew. Now, my son does not play Varsity Lacrosse, he's on the Freshman/Sophomore team (and they're doin' just fine, thanks, their playoffs are after Memorial Weekend).

Anyway, I've been watching most of these boys play through the Club system over the last five years so I was really excited to go watch them play Minnetonka in the Regional Championship game last Friday. Seriously, I was so adrenalin (sp?) pumped by the end of this game I couldn't stop shaking to text my husband! Eden Prairie won the game 11-10 against the #1 seeded team in the playoffs.

Now they play Eastview in the State Championship Semi-Finals at 8:00 on Wednesday at Hopkins High School. Eastview has only lost one game all season (Blake!), so it's going to be another nail-biter!

So, what have I been knitting? Well, here is that Nutkin I was telling you about. This sock makes me very happy.

The latest package from The Loopy Ewe (spent a gift certificate!) Some Pattern Tamers and some Hand Maiden in Seafoam.

I really did not try to coordinate my order - I must've just been feeling the green that day.

Also? LOVE David Cook! We've downloaded every song he has on iTunes. Archuleta'sa cutie, but he's a little scary.

Friday, May 16, 2008

What Have I Been Up To?

So, I've been missing so long, one or two people might actually be wondering, "Gee, I wonder what has happened to our Errant Enabler?" Nice alliteration, huh? Well, I have come to tell you, assisted by many pictures, exactly what I have been up to!

I have been buying and mailing graduation cards to my husband's cousins' kids!

Did you know you can buy a six-pack of graduation cards? Nifty! I will be using them all.

No - we're not moving - these are the team fundraiser kits for the Youth Lacrosse program. I organized them all and packed them up, now they are ready to be distributed to the kids this week!

I am on the final fourth of this comfy little cardi:

I've been mailing out all of the video cartridges that my kids have sold on

Working on my Hippy Ripply Retro Socks - one done! See the toe peeking out of my purple bag? Another sighting of a sock toe in the wild!

I've been riding with the Teen as he practices for his driving test: think good thoughts for him this afternoon at approximately 3:40 (gulp).

This sock has been sitting on my desk taunting me to pick it up, it is feeling sadly neglected:

I've had worker-type people in my house all week. First I had the guy quoting to replace this:

This is my yucky hardwood floor that is being replaced in a couple of weeks.

Then there was a real cutie with his laser equipment measuring my counter tops to replace them in a week or so.
This is the crack in my faux-Corian counter top. We have them in multiples. It's gross - I imagine all the little germs hiding down there.

There's one more sock started in my knitting bag - a Nutkin (I love that name), no picture yet.

I had an MRI last week to determine why my back is giving me such pain. There's herniated, bulging and torn disks in my spine, but none of them seem to be directly responsible for the shooting pain in my hip and leg. Next week I get to go and see a Neurosurgeon. There is talk that a shot of steroids into my gluteal muscle will help with inflammation.

Lastly, little Ozzie has left for hunting school. He will be gone until the middle of July.

Also? Eden Prairie is playing in the Regional Playoffs tonight at Armstrong High School in both Girls and Boys Lacrosse! The guys are playing Minnetonka and I'm not sure who the girls are playing, but boy, what a double header!! Busy, busy weekend!

Friday, May 09, 2008


...from Knitterly Things!

Now she's doing variegated yarn...that up there is Might as Well Go For a Soda and Lonely is the Night. I'm picturing some very pretty socks from these. I'll be at the cabin for a few days, look for me on the other end of the weekend.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Tainted Love

Sometimes I feel I've got to. . . run away,
I've got to. . . get away
From the pain you drive into the heart of me.
The love we share seems to go nowhere,
And I've lost my life,
For I toss and turn; I can't sleep at night.

Once I ran to you, now I run from you.
This tainted love you've given,
I gave you all a boy could give you.
Take my tears and that's not really all. . .
Tainted love, ohh, tainted love

Now I know I've got to. . . run away,
I've got to. . . get away.
You don't really want any more from me.

To make things right you need someone to hold you tight,
And you think love is to pray,
But I'm sorry I don't pray that way.

Don't touch me please, I cannot stand the way you tease.
I love you though you hurt me so.
Now I'm gonna pack my things and go.

Ohh, tainted love (repeat)

Touch me baby, tainted love (repeat & fade out)

This is the Pattern #5 for the Sock Madness 2 - the Hippy Ripply Retro Socks. Yep, it's another toe-up sock! I am not a convert, but happy at the new world of patterns now open to me!

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Exactly Where Did the Weekend Go?

The finished Snowdrop Socks in the unfortunate Noro Kureyon Sock. The photo is shot in a mirror, (a rather old mirror), that's why the shot looks a little foggy.

Pattern: Snowdrop Socks (that is a Ravelry link) by Sara Morris Yarn: Noro Kureyon Sock Needles: Knitpick's US 1½ / 2.5 mm. Started: April 16, 2008 Completed: April 30, 2008. Note: See my previous posts for my opinion of the Noro. The finished sock does not hold it's shape, nor is is nearly as soft and shiny as some of my other pairs of socks.

Pattern: Waterfall (also a Ravelry link) by Babs Ausherman Yarn: Fiber Denn Sock Yarn in the Alexandrite colorway Needles: Knitpick's US 3 / 3.25 mm. Started: April 9, 2008 Completed: May 1, 2008. Note: It actually only took one day to finish a sock, it just sat on the sidelines while I was messing with that darn Noro.

This sweater is Dancing with the Devil and a perfect, thoughtless migraine day knit. I'm using the Cascade 200 tweed and it is making a perfect fabric.

I also cast on the Hippy Ripply Retro socks from Sock Madness (Is it round 4 or 5? I'm not sure), in some Vesper self-striping, the Tainted Love Colorway. I think this was a present from Amy and I can't say how much I love this yarn. Seems the pictures have gone missing. You can see the yarn on my Ravelry page here. Otherwise - I'll post some progress pictures later.

We had two Lacrosse games on Saturday morning and the Teen's team won the first by a hair and the second quite handily. (5/4 and 13/1). The Varsity team did not fare so well on Saturday afternoon, but they are just going to have to prove themselves in the playoffs. Gma and I went to see Ironman on Saturday night. Love, love, LOVE! Robert Downey Jr. Very happy to see him come out on this side of the drugs. The flick was what it was, but they did it all very cleverly and we enjoyed the film immensely.

Time to hit the rack.

Friday, May 02, 2008

Yarn Pr0n!

I couldn't resist this:

Hand Maiden Cashmere and Silk in the Sangria colorway - I plan on making a little scarf out of this to tuck in my jean jacket collar - it is so soft and gorgeous I can't wait. I nabbed an extra GoKnit Pouch for my summer sock projects - they work the best of any project bag I've found. The Loopy Ewe is responsible for this little downfall - and now I've got a $25 credit sitting there.

This is my first shipment from Scout's Swag. This color is called Rowing Home (inspired by Winslow Homer). I think this is going to become a pair of socks for my MIL for Christmas. She is quite envious of my mom's. Any pattern suggestions? She has a very tiny foot.

The weather has turned grim again, we've even got thunder outside the window. DH and Puck are heading to the cabin tomorrow morning, but the Teen has Lacrosse early in the morning and later mid-morning as well. I'll be working the scoring table in the rain. Thank goodness I have a lovely windbreaker.

I also found season two of Torchwood on iTunes - yay! I won't be unplugged until the weekend is over. I'm also getting a post of FO's ready to show you this weekend.

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