Sunday, May 13, 2007

My SP10 Pal Goes Above and Beyond!

I received a package on Friday and this is what I found inside!

A very lovely card:

A book that I currently DO NOT OWN! Yay! Now, what shall I make? I actually really like the sweater on the cover.

Hmmm, with this? Isn't it lovely, such a pretty color. I'll have to start with a scarf - it's so soft and gorgeous.

And (sorry), some rather blurry stitchmarkers - take my word for it, they are very cute.

And a little flower vase - from Texas! I'm hoping for some little flowers from my garden soon, just to have them on my desk.

I finished the sleeves on my Flair yesterday, now I'm chugging away at the neckline - I predict I will finish it tonight. I started my second Charade sock last night.

So, inquiring minds want to know, how was the Shepherd's Harvest? Well, my boys and I had a lovely time. The boys in particular liked the Llamas and Alpacas. I made a few little purchases, I'll show you tomorrow. You should know that none of them are fibery at all! (Unless you count Kettle Corn - that was pretty fibery.) I did fondle some Alpaca yarn very longingly - so soft! However, I remained strong! Day 62 and still going. I will be purchasing some yarn today without breaking my fast!!! My boys gave me a gift certificate to Fabulous Yarn for Mother's Day, and I intend to use it all up today!

Oh, love that purple yarn!!

Boy, you have every loophole covered for this "fast". ;)
I thought SH was a great time, I've got pics at my blog of some of the critters. I could have sworn they've been taught to pose!
You are one lucky girl with a SP and boys like that!
Wow, nice stuff from your SP! I love the Katherine Hepburn Cardigan from Lace Style - it's on my list for *someday*.

I'm amazed you made it through Shepherd's Harvest without buying yarn or fiber! I certainly didn't.
Absolutely lovely swag! And you are very deserving of such yummy treasures.
I'm so glad everything arrived and you enjoyed all!! Sorry for not being around, but it is crazy around here.You will be hearing from me soon!
I'm glad you had a wonderful Mothers Day!
Your SP
Smart boys! I wonder where they got it from. ; ) I covet that purple Apple Laine... what a wonderful package!!
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