Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Happy Mother's Day!

This is part of what I ordered with my Mom's Day GC from this place. They were very nice!

I have been tagged by the 7 things...

(Sounds like a virus, doesn't it?) Thanks Mia and Knittymama!

I'm supposed to reveal 7 things and then tag 7 people, but frankly, I can't think of 7 people who haven't already been tagged.

1. I was and will always be a daddy's girl, even though he passed away almost ten years ago, I talk to him almost daily. (No he doesn't talk back, at least not so that anyone can hear...)

2. I love to buy presents. I think and think and think about the perfect thing for each person. The biggest pleasure in gift giving for me is when people love what I have picked out for them. I like to think I have given them a gift that makes them happy.

3. I read comic books under my desk for the entire 5th grade. That may have been when I lost my precocious student status. (I still love comic books - oops - Graphic Novels).

4. I am also a complete Sci Fi nut - I read the entire works of Ray Bradbury in Junior High School.

5. I have always been a smart ass. I got it from my dad. (See #1). Both of my sons look to inherit this trait. 'Doh!

6. I dated an Englishman for a short while (really, he had a school tie and everything - I couldn't stand it - I teased him about it and he called me cheeky (See #5). I was in my early 20's and he was ten years older than I was. He also said I was homely; Homely means something entirely different to the Enlish, did you know that? (It means a home-ecky kind of gal - at least that's what he told me.) He took me out to dinner and tried to order Sweetbreads for me, and for himself. I've eaten many things unusual, but I skipped the Sweetbreads.

7. When I was ages 5-10, my father used to go duck hunting and bring his brace home with him and my sister and I and all the neighborhood kids would help to pluck the birds in our garage in our jammies. The best part was dipping the carcasses in hot paraffin, letting them cool, and peeling the cooled paraffin off to pull the pin feathers out. Mom and dad always had a fight when he did that (brought the birds home to be cleaned).

So, this feels like a weird list, but I guess that's the point.

The count is 54.

Ah, duck-hunting dads. I had one, too, and I didn't appreciate the duck then, or him. Now I would love to have them both again, just for a day.
I'm with you on #2!! And I read all of Ray Bradbury's stuff in junior high, too. :)
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