Friday, May 04, 2007

I've Never Been to Boston in the Fall....

Check it out. The perfect blend of Johnny Depp and VegiTales is right here.

Flair progress and the new Charade socks:
(There's some Monsoon STR on the ground next to the stool, trying to decide what pattern it wants to be.)

(ETA: I joined this club over a month and a half ago. I received an e-mail and the club filled in about half a day. This is the first shipment!) Well, I joined the Pureknits Yarntini sock yarn of the month club, I hesitated because of the price, but holy moly, looked what I got in the mail today:

So Lucy Neatby's book, some soak, some lip balm, stitch markers from, a ROCKIN' bag from misocrafty, and of course a matching skein of sock yarn in Pure Breeze Stripe. Good decision!!

LOL - you're in sock clubs?! That's going to make it a LITTLE easier to get through your 70 some days...
That's a cheerful yarn I like it and the matching bag. I didn't know about that specific club... maybe next time? I haven't decided what to do with my Monsoon either.
What a great sock club package you got. I'm not so excited about the Blue Moon one.
For blue, this is bluetiful blue. And you really made a safety net
for your yarn fast?!
I'm so jealous! I want to join! . . . maybe next year.
I'm part of the Yarntini sock club too! I'm loving it :)
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