Wednesday, May 23, 2007

53 days and all I have is enabling for you!
Have I mentioned how yummy this Apple Laine solid in Purple Rain is? Thank you again SP Pal!

The Loopy Ewe did a Sneak Up and she put these on the website:

Gypsy Knits (a wonderful BFL base)
All Things Heather
Apple Laine
Cider Moon (in their Icicle fingering weight, finally!)
Fleece Artist (regular sock yarn plus more Sea Wool)
Scarlet Fleece (new colors)
and The Celtic Swan Needles

I highly recommend the Apple Laine, Cider Moon, ATH (hmmm, I have no J-Knits or Gypsy Knits in my stash....)

Also, Kpixie got some new colors of Blue Sky Alpacas Sportweight in (sigh). I have no more holidays where my family buys for me.

And, of course, Mama-E has updated her warehouse , I would love some Sweet Baby Jane.

I wouldn't be such an enabler if these vendors would just quit e-mailing me all of their yumminess!

I am completely confident that you would find another way to be an enabler even without the emails! ;)
Thanks, I didn't need that (the enabling). :-)

Your blog is just so much fun!
I'm on a Don't-Click-Guinifer's-Links fast.

They look like twins, but Kona looks younger. We contacted the Captains Kennel! That will be our next source for our next dog - after Ruby is gone. The kennel is located almost directly in our path to our cabin . . . meant to be! They suggested we let Ruby enjoy her "golden years" without a puppy to contend with.
I'm tagging you! Don't hate...
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