Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Hello, Kettle here. Just saying "Hi" to all you Pots!!!

(Do I need to explain that?)

ETA: Can I just say that yesterday's prettiness was a stash flash - see I'm having to go to the archives to find it!

No work on Flair in the last 24 hours - I have been Fundraiser Queen for our Youth Lacrosse Association, so I have been working furiously on that project. In between e-mails, I knit a row or two on my second Mad Weave Sock.

That lovely green/yellow/pink - think Project Spectrum - skein of sock yarn is from C*eye*ber Fiber PS Sock Club. Her shop is closed right now because she's on vacation, but she has a blog, too. The Pretty came in the mail yesterday, it definitely made me think Easter. You didn't think I was going to stop linking and posting the pretties, did you?

I got an email from Sheri at The Loopy Ewe this morning - she updated last night with many yummy yarns. This is what she says, "I added all colors of Interlacements Tiny Toes, 30 new colors of Claudia, a big batch of Cider Moon, new Schaefer Andrea, fun colors in Schaefer Lola, and a few skeins of Perchance to Knit's lace yarn. (More of that coming in other colorways, soon!) I also added the Woolpets Loopy Ewe felting kit."

Also, Ruby Sapphire has updated their Etsy site with some of their Luster sock yarn - Merino Tencel. Do I have to say it? I can't buy because - 74 days - but you can! Check it out!!!

I do have a confession to make, however. My SP9 pal is from Amsterdam and she e-mailed me yesterday asking me to buy some sock yarn for her to give to her SP10 pal!!! She's so cute - she basically offered me a sneaky way to buy yarn - for somebody else!!! Yay Yvonne! Go say "hi!", and yell at her for enabling me.

So, who's going to give me grief today, huh?

Oh, that's funny about your SP9! You can find every loophole, eh?! :D
Since you aren't buying, you are just tempting everyone else.
Are you talkin' to ME?

Heh. Saw your post title and just about spewed coffee all over my keyboard!
Ah ha! The perfect loophole!
Always happy to buy for other people. : )
Arrrgh! Stop tempting me. Shepherd's Harvest is coming and I'm saving up for that little jaunt. BTW, any thoughts of joining me?
And the green/yellow/pink is beautiful. It is just sweet. Not easter. Spring.
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