Friday, May 25, 2007

So which one should I take to the cabin?

I am SO stash-busting right now!
Hmmm...when I come home I will have 45 days left.

Have a great weekend everybody - I'll have pictures when I get back.

I think you should take as much as you can stuff in your biggest bag with you. This way you will have plenty to work on. And that means less yarn in the stash. I like the purple sock. And the lavender mint from Scout is pretty too. Which pattern are you using?
Well, duh. Take them ALL! Who knows what sort of knitting mood you will be in at 10pm Saturday night or 10am Sunday or on the drive home Monday? A knitter must be prepared for all eventualities, even if it means pulling a trailer full of fiber :-)

Have a great weekend!
All of them. Of course! And something more and something extra.
ALL of them! Have a lovely weekend!
Have a great weekend!
All of them, plus two extra projects in case you finish those or get bored with them. By the way, out-of-town yarn purchases don't count in my book.
I thought it was pretty obvious, then I read the other comments. Yup. We all agree. TAKE THEM ALL you silly girl!
If it rains you have something to work on. If it's sunny you have a nice soft yarn pillow for sun bathing with.
Clearly the correct answer is to take ALL of them! I hope you're having a great weekend!
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