Wednesday, December 08, 2010

The Gift That Keeps on Giving:

So, on Thanksgiving the Sockhead hat was picked up by my 14 year old niece and worn very adorably all day long, she was told that she could keep it.  Now, I have requests from three nephews and niece's older sister.  Here is my progress on the hat for older sister:
Puck, the reluctant model.
Isn't that a great color?  However, I do not believe that is the color that she really wants.  So I have knitted another.

The youngest boy has requested black.  Done.
I believe the yard bunny now has a permanent modeling job.

The 17 year old wanted a deep red.  This is as close as I could get.

That five inches of 2x2 ribbing just kills me.  The stockinette is a piece of cake in comparison.  The 21 year old wanted Green so his is next.  You're actually going to have to wait for that photo!

Thank Goodness it's snowing again!  Some sort of light to take photos!

Collegeboy (previously The Teen in these pages), was home for three, very brief days over Thanksgiving.  He was skinny and happy and busy the whole time he was home.  Upon arrival  in Vancouver, he began to feel unwell and eventually went to the hospital with Strep Throat.  He's only ever had Strep before once in his entire 18 years!  You mothers out there probably know what I said to him, right?  "You're not getting enough sleep, your immune system is compromised!"   (Really.  Staying awake until 2 am and then going to an 8 am class is not enough sleep!)  He is deep in the throes of Exams for the next week or so and will be home again on December 20!  Yay!

However, I have a much better story that illustrates the bad choices that those youngsters make once they are out on their own.  Not a terrible story, just kind of gross, and ultimately a bad choice!  CB has met a friend attending UBC and he is originally from England, let's call him Our Young Brit, or OYB.  He's a great guy who took time out of his day to drive CB to the airport at 4 AM on Thanksgiving morning.  I believe he's a rather popular young man on campus and belongs to several social and sporting clubs.  A contest was held amongst the men in one of those clubs for some sort of BMOC title - OYB was foremost in the competition.  At one time there existed a Facebook video of the competition where OYB swallowed water from glasses containing 24 goldfish, one after the other.  Yes you heard me, 24 live goldfish, while the crowd egged him on.  I do not know if OYB won this contest, however, I do know that OYB has had a little problem ever since and has made two trips to the hospital to rid himself of those pesky little fish which evidently have refused to leave the premises.  See?  Bad choices!

Now, wasn't that a lovely holiday story?  I hope to be back with less gross entertainment soon! 

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