Monday, May 07, 2007

It's all a Charade!

This yarn is so beautiful. Seriously, and I love how it knits up in this pattern. Seacoast Handpainted Yarns Panda in Ashes and Roses. (60% merino 30% bamboo 10% nylon) from the Loopy Ewe (of course). She's it out of the Seacoast right now, but she's expecting another shipment this month. This will be on my list coming out of the yarn diet.

Check out this very cool sock pattern I found in my bloggy wanderings. This is going onto the pile - very monkey-esque. Hmmm, maybe my Monsoon would look nice in this pattern.

Cast on the Bam-boo this morning. After the regularly scheduled treadmill grind, I'm off to the Post Office - must mail the rest of the LAX fundraiser envelopes. Then I am off to the LYS to see if I can find some size 7 dpns. Seriously. I have a crazy pile of dpn's and not a size 7 amongst the whole bunch. I have circs and straights, but no dpns and Flair will not be finished without them. I will have to wear a blindfold as I walk past all the yarn to the back of the store where they keep the needles. I believe I have 68 days left.

Thanks for the link to the Red Dwarf sock pattern. It's beautiful, and so are the ones you are working on.
Thanks for the pattern link - that's a gorgeous pattern indeed!
I love love love the ash and rose sock! I think I'll try that first. Work my way to the Red Dwarf sock and Lori's toe-up socks. Thanks so much for the patterns!!!
I think I have found the sock pattern for my HP sock. Thank you!!!
*Danger! Danger!* Remain strong during your trek through the yarn store. I hate to suggest it, but maybe you should buy your needles at someplace with icky yarn, like Michael's or Joann's.
Yay! A link that doesn't encourage the purchase of yarn, lol. Wonderful pattern, i'll be making that for sure. And your Seacoast sock is looking fab - yummy subtle colours. I was wondering how it knit up after seeing it at the Loopy Ewe. Will put on my wish list!
Cool sock pattern, thanks! : )
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