Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Mr. Sock Mojo Says YES!

I ran into him at Starbuck's yesterday, and he scoffed and told me to come back when I had a real problem. So, as you see, no problem.

Here, are the socks!

These are the Slouch Socks from the Socks, Socks, Socks book. I used Cherry Tree Hill in the Peacock colorway which I purchased at the Loopy Ewe. I am now at .82 miles in the Lime N Violet Sock Marathon. Woo Hoo! I should make my two mile goal by end of March - no problem.

Next: Eagle's Flight in Koigu.

Also? Coming up next: Weak Moments


Monday, January 29, 2007

What's the verdict?

Do I have enough CTH here to finish this sock?

The pattern called for 430 yards and 2.5 mm dpn's, which is exactly what I am using. However, the Cherry Tree Hill Label says 420 yards. I even did one less repeat of the pattern on the leg....I do this with every pair of socks I knit. Loopy Ewe has this color in stock, so I could pick up a skein to finish, I refuse to frog at this point....grrr. Well, stay tuned for updates as we knit socks today!


Saturday, January 27, 2007

I have the best KMKS Pal ever!

Look at all the great goodies she sent me!
There is a really cute pattern in there, Mission Falls "Thrill", Three skeins of Mission Falls to make the pattern up with, some bamboo needles, a crochet hook, a stitch holder, a cute little note, some Mentos and a little key chain with post-it type notes in it! OH, and the sweet little bag she made for me. The best part is the lining; the lining is awesome and there will be no needles poking through this bag!

I was worried that I didn't have a pal because she couldn't get her e-mail through to me and I didn't hear from her because of that until the week before we were supposed to ship! Anyway, I'm not sure if she has a blog, but THANKS AGAIN JOANNE!

There are pictures of my kit up at Mia's blog:

I really enjoyed putting Mia's kit together. She is a Firefighter out east and I loved reading her blog while I was putting everything together. Then somehow she started posting here and I thought she'd hunted me out, but she said she hadn't!

and Hi Mia!

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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Do you want to know what's GROSS?

When Jayme, my demo boss can scoop the soggy, yucky particle board (and pink insulation) out of the wall of my naked house with HIS HAND!

(Pardon my Minnesota-ness for just one moment.)
Just Icky!

Ya Taaa!

(Don't you just love Hiro?)

Here they are, the finished line of preemie hats, marching their way into their box!

Don't they look sweet all snuggled up in their new home?

I woke up on the third day of my migraine today. They usually go away after 48 hours. When you have a bad migraine? DON'T watch the latest Grey's Anatomy two-parter. Oh my dear heavens, sobbing is so bad for a headache. (I have been a part of the Dead Dad's club since 1997 - don't EVEN get me started.)

Well, I'm off to take those little darlings to the UPS Store.

I'd show you more pictures of wet particle board, but I think it's too depressing to have in the same post as those cheerful little hats. Tomorrow is soon enough, right?

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Days 3 & 4 of H***

Our first occasion of waterlogged particleboard. Don't worry - there will be more - I'm sure of it. (sigh)
This is what the whole backside of the house looks like:
Turns out, I can knit amidst the chaos:

These are my Campfire Socks from Chasing Rainbows Dyeworks Kid Mohair/Merino. These are very soft and squooshy. I loved how I got the little stripes of powder blue as I knit these. However, I am not a fan of the short row heel. It looks pretty, but I think it wears funny. This puts me at .6 mile for the L&V Sock Knitting Marathon!

Well, I am off to replace Pucks Ipod Mini as his dad ran it over this weekend at the Hockey Tournament. Luckily I have Reward Points and Gift Cards from Best Buy, so off I go!

Monday, January 22, 2007

Good Morning
I am trying to ignore the men that are tearing the outside of my house off, so don't be surprised if I start to YELL....

I have been knitting like crazy like this weekend, but due to Lacrosse and Hockey(if kids hockey bores you, don't click here), I never actually finished anything - except one more preemie hat. (That puts me at 10. 11 and 12 are on the needles as we speak!) I'm turning the heel on a second sock (this pair started out fast, but turns out there was a reason for that. Evidently, I do not have an average sized woman's foot - so first sock has been frogged and totally reknit!) Now I am trying to decide what sock pattern I'm going to tackle next. I'm kind of liking Eagle's Flight for some Cherry Tree Hill.

I received my final package on Friday from my Secret Pal. Patti from http://knitgirl63.wordpress.com/ She is a local blogger, and I've actually been lurking at her blog, so she thought I'd figured her out - but I hadn't at all! See the lovely package she sent me:

There's some Mountain Colors yarn and an Entrelac scarf pattern - so that's next on my list of new techniques! Some pretty pink notecards with my initial on them and some really adorable stitch markers. She has just opened an etsy store to sell her beaded stitchmarkers - check it out. Yea, I still have a few of those Sweethearts left.

I have been tagged by Lorraine over at Faith & Fiber - so here goes:

Find the nearest book
Open to page 123
Type lines 6-8 of said book
Tag three others

""Corners, however, only reveal more corners, and Jed's light only targets ashen walls, though soon enough they all begin to detect that inimitable growl, like calving glaciers far off in the distance, which at least in the mind's eye, inhabits a thin line where rooms and passageways must finally concede to become a horizon.

"The growl almost always comes like the rustle of a high mountain wind on the trees," Navidson explained later.""

Okay, this is "House of Leaves" by Mark Z. Danielewski, which I have not started to read yet, but now I am intrigued - I might have to move that to the top of the pile.

I tag anyone who wants to give it a whirl!


Friday, January 19, 2007

I present to you:

Day 1 and 2 of my new H*** here in my house.

Here is some of the scaffolding that now surrounds my home. Day One

More scaffolding, day two. Cuts in the stucco - all over the house. Next they will tear it off. Then, people? Then, they take out every single window and replace them. Where there is moisture intrusion? They will reframe the window? Could I cry? Yes. Yes, I could cry.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Monkey Socks!

(ETA: Yes, this is the Monkey pattern from Knitty.com!)Started 1/13/07
Completed 1/17/07
Fleece Artist Merino in colorway Jester
Remaining yarn? Teetiny bit.

So, whomever said these were a fast knit, they were right! I cast on the Campfire Socks from the Cider Moon website last night in my Chasing Rainbows Coral Reef and I have already turned the heel. Incredibly fast pattern as well.

So far in the L&V Sock Marathon - .47 miles.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Preemie Hat Update:

You can't see it very well, but there is a ninth one peeking out in back, way at the end (it's pink). Three more to go, then I will pack them off! Another orange one, I think. We have a hockey tournament at Parade Stadium this weekend, so I imagine I will have a little sitting time to finish one or two!

I am also participating in Lime and Violet's Sock Marathon. So far I have about a half mile done, but it's really lit a fire under me to get some of that sock yarn stash knit up! I have so many patterns that I want to try. I am apprehensive about trying a toe up sock. I love the top down version so much. I guess, as some point, I will be anxious to try something new.

Monday, January 15, 2007

So I woke up this morning, and well, we're no Denver but look at what I saw:

Yesterday, this hill was brown and muddy. Isn't it amazing what six inches of snow will do to pretty things up?

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Just to let you know...

I finished some socks last week.

Mountain Colors Bearfoot in Elderberry - 60/25/15 Wool/Mohair/Nylon. So soft...

Pattern is Almost Argyle. I had one little tee-tiny bit of yarn leftover - they were knit on size 1's, (KnitPicks size 1's that is...)

So far this weekend has been: hockey, lacrosse, bowling, tomorrow is boarding, hockey, lacrosse.

And it's freezing.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Remember the Yarny Goodness that I promised? Well, here goes. This all arrived at my house just before the New Year (and is accounted for in my sock yarn mileage!)

From Crown Mountain Farms we have Chasing Rainbows Dyeworks Mohair-Merino 55/45 in Coral Reef.

This is some Austermann Step "mit Aloe Vera und Jojoba Ol", which I found at Pine Needles, a LYS in Cable Wisconsin. These colorways have no name - it is just 08 on the label.
This is Fyberspates hand dyed sock yarn off of ebay. Yummy.
This is Grit and Innocence from Yarn Ahoy's Etsy site. This is 100% superwash = 330 yards. She offers 20% discount on new customer's first orders.
Lastly, there is MCY's Emerald Forest - 100% wool superwash - 550 yards.

In the meantime - I've finished seven preemie hats. Look! Preemie hats on parade!

In the meantime, I've finished my first pair of socks for the Sock Marathon and half of another hat.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

In which we have HANDBAG Lust.

So...I got this bag for Christmas:

It came from Scout's Swag website. I DO love the stuff she gets in, and this bag is WONDERFUL. I also have had this in my shopping cart once or twice. This would be really nice as well. (I have a birthday coming up, so I will have a ready made list, if only I can wait until February.)

However, in addition to being a yarn addict; I also am a handbag NUT! Somehow, it makes sense to me that if this bag is particularly wonderful (because Scout says so.) THIS bag must be equally fantastic (so I can have MORE projects at the ready to grab and run, right?):Notice my affinity for the brightness? However, since I already have a messenger bag, wouldn't it make more sense for me to go for the sophistication? Like this bag?

I think maybe if I just give in and buy a skein of sock yarn, I can put off these handbag yearnings (and spend a little less money). My mouse clicking finger is getting REALLY itchy.

Later I will have some sock yarny goodness to post. Also? More preemie hats! My goal was to finish 12 in January and I tied off #7 last night. Yay preemies!

Friday, January 05, 2007

A Row of Little Preemie Hats:

Notice the last one doesn't have his pom pom yet. I'm wrapping it up this very minute. I cast on another this morning. I am having so much fun making these little hats. Check it out over at k3tog.

The Booga II is felted and will be receiving its strap this morning:
I do like how this one felted better than the first one. I also re-felted my s'more slippers and now I just have to sew on the stretch cuffs (D'oh!). Hate to sew. I also started my first pair of socks for the stashalong '07. This is Mountain Colors Bearfoot in Elderberry. This yarn is so soft and the colors gradate so subtly (Is that how you spell that?) I really love knitting with it - but I always worry that I won't have enough yarn. (This is a free pattern from KnitPicks called Almost Argyle).
Well, Winter Lacrosse starts this weekend, we have much hockey and tickets to the Gopher Hockey game on Sunday night. I'll be exhausted by the time Monday rolls around!

Well I'm off to see what everyone else has to say today!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Welcome to 2007

I have returned from our sojourn to Northern Wisconsin. Gaming was had along with wine and much cookie eating (way too much cookie eating). Puck learned to make homemade pasta and we had a fantastic meal. Projects were finished and projects were started. I did NOT finish my list, but I was not unhappy with the progress made.

See? Puck making pasta (his Gma gave him the chef's hat). He looks awfully sweet doesn't he? Hard to believe he lives for the year he can check on the ice during his hockey games, isn't it?

Ladies and Gentlemen? The tree is dead.
However, the tree did live long enough to model one of my FO's and my almost FO. My socks knit out of lightweight STR in the Jingle Bell Rock colorway - pattern is based on the Phineas pattern I linked before Christmas.

Also on the deceased tree is the Booga II - as I call it - or my second Booga bag. Felting to occur tonight. My S'more slippers are going to take a second run at the washer at the same time.

I have committed to knit some preemie hats with the ladies over at k3tog. Here is my first run at it.

I finished this in a liesurely manner during the two and half hour ride to Stone Lake Wisconsin. (Modeled by kitty statue.)

Last, but not least: Kona says: "If you make me wear a sweater, all the guys will call me a wussie!"

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