Monday, July 31, 2006

A most uneventful day.

I hovered in front of the working a/c as the central air is still not functioning - we are all camping in disparate areas of the house. My Nantasket Basket is finished - I'll show him off after his bath.

Oh - I could show you the two little blue purses destined for the nieces:

And the un-fringed pink shawl I gifted to my SIL this weekend - here it is blocking for a little while before I fringed it. The colorway was called sunrise - doesn't it look like a sunrise?

Would you like to see my future Rogue?

Well then - here it is:

This is Bartlett Yarns 2-ply in blackberry. I'm saving this for a temperature drop.

Xcel Energy came out and replaced our Energy Saver box, but that doesn't seem to be the issue so now we are waiting on CenterpPoint Energy Plus to come out and look at the Furnace and A/C unit. Sigh. They're supposed to be here Wednesday morning. The temperature is supposed to drop on Wednesday as well. Sigh.

That Alchemy is going on the needles tomorrow.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

So, after five hours in the ridiculous heat watching my ten year old collapse from heat stroke at his Lacrosse tournament, I am sitting in front of my hard working window unit to shout my day to the world:

First, shopping and FO's...

Well looky, looky...

First there were these:

These are my little two-toned Felted Tote and my Simply Splendid Socks! using Lana Grossa Meilenweit Multieffekt. Aren't they bright and cheerful? Are they finished - no. They would be straggling kicking and screaming on the pins...but aren't they cheerful?

Oh, and then there is this:

This is my Brangelina hat - I'm sure it would be much more fetching on my head - but I have not perfected those photographs yet, and, it's a grillion degrees so not hats on my hot head please.

I would like to take a moment for this personal message:
Damn you Xcel Energy and your cursed Energy Miser! We are doing our thing for the environment and allowing You to brown out our air conditioner at peak times - and You have more of a tendency to shake Your collective finger at us then sympathize if we should complain. But today; today our Energy Miser decided that we have used our share of air conditioning for the summer and shut us down, even though You, Xcel Energy claim you are telling it to do no such thing. Xcel Energy, I am a 45 year old, close to mid-lifer and I DO NOT TOLERATE 90 DEGREE HOUSES! Holy cats! COME AND FIX OUR ENERGY MISER NOW! Oh please, not 36 to 52 hours from now....whimper...

Back to your regularly scheduled programming. Shopping!! Shall we see?

First there is this - Bam Boo - oh so pretty!

From Knit Wits in Chan(hassen)

And this: Alchemy 50% during the Sidewalk Sale in Excelsior. Can you tell? I am a slut for color.

There is more...oh, there is a Rogue and a hand-dyed cotton stockinette shawl, which has already been gifted to my SIL, and a Nantasket Basket (oh so easy), and two little blue felted purses, I think my nieces must have these.... but I think it may take too long to download, oh so many photos - so I shall have more FO and in progress to show off...later.

I am off to sleep in a bean bag chair in front of the window unit.

Au revoir.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

99 degrees sweeties and a hot wind across Flying Cloud Field um, I mean The Prairie. My poor kids had to play Lacrosse today. The ten year old only had to play once, but the fourteen year old had to play three games!!! The year end playoffs - and those poor kids gave their heart and souls. The 7/8 graders are done and they finished in Fifth place. May not seem like much, but they have come so far this year. The 3/4 graders have to play two more games tomorrow. Those poor kids may not make it. And the spectators, you ask? How did they fare? Burnt to dried up little crispies are we!

I have some FO's to post, but you may not seem them 'til the camera is downstairs and I am too dehydrated to go and get it...

Later Gators

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

I'm back.
I would be a bad correspondent.

I have been lurking and reading many knitting blogs.
I discovered two or three of fellow knitters here in my hometown and they did something wonderful this weekend. They knit and walked for the Cure - The Cureageous Knitters. I had no idea! My town, my kids' school and all this fundraising hullabaloo and I had no idea! Here is one of them:

Now I don't personally know most of this people, but I say props to you all!

We have a cabin in Northern Wisconsin and we spend almost every summer weekend there. So that is where we were this weekend. My 14 year old brought a friend along, and their guitars. Not as noisy as you would think. So imagine my surprise as I'm lurking in all these newly discovered knitting blogs, to see this buddies' mom knitting away at this fundraising walk!!! I knew she was a knitter (I don't think she's a blogger, yet), but I guess that just means that even the blogging world, she is small.

All right, FO's
This would be the single sock I have knitted. He's very cute - but I think i need to move down to some smaller needles...This would be the Knitpicks sock yarn.

This would be my Clapotis. I have no idea where I got this yarn - but I think I need to go for a close up because you really can't see how beautifully this turned out. I've got three leftover skeins up on ebay for this yarn, but I'm not getting any nibbles - so I may gift it to someone.

I have a couple of felting projects and a hat that I've finished up, but those are on another memory stick, so perhaps they will wait for another day!

I am currently working on the large triangle shawl from the Cafe Knit book - I've got a hand dyed cotton in a sunset colorway - very pretty. Almost complete, if it's finished in time it's destined for my SIL's birthday this weekend.

Stay cool!

Saturday, July 08, 2006

This is my first post.
I live in Minnesota. I am a SAHM, a knitter, a reader, a scrapbooker. I am busy.

I live with my DH, my two sons - a teenager and a pre-teen. Oh yes, a dog and a cat. The dog is young and the cat is old. The cat is the methusalah of cats. I believe she plans to outlive us just to rule the house and eat the lizard. Did I mention we have a lizard? A green anole. Did you know they live to be a grillion years old. I will never be able to die because I will have to stay alive to take care of animals that are trying to outlive me. sigh.

I am rather obsessive compulsive about my hobbies. I have lists. Booklists, knitting lists, scrapbook lists, although I must say, the scrapbooking is on furlough right now. I tend to hobby hop. Anyway. Lists. At the beginning of the year I set a goal for myself to read a book a week. That is 52 books in 52 weeks. Did I mention I have lists? I have 19 books to go. I currently am reading the Borgia Bride by Jeanne Kalogridis. Thus far I am enjoying it very much.

Since I discovered so many lovely knitting blogs, I obsessively-compulsively decided that I needed to document my many projects on pins and FO. If I can't show them to the internets, then who will I show them to???

My next posts will contain projects completed and projects on pins. There are many more waiting to be completed than there are FO's to show off.

Welcome and goodbye.

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