Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Quickie Post This Morning

A couple of people have asked about the buttons in my picture. Aren't they just crazy-fantastic? Here is a link to Bergschultz Studio in Fredonia Wisconsin. Her website is a little touchy - be patient. You can also email her at

Did you catch my little "Goals for the Week" statement yesterday? Well, ha! I got one of them done. I present to you: Back of the Bam Boo Mess!
Note also? I am showing you the pretty buttons again.

Quickly, a little enabling. I stumbled upon a little indie dyer last night. I can't show you her stuff - but wowza! Check it out: The Singing Yarn

Gorgeous yarn, and pretty reasonable too. I really love Peeves.

And if you're just looking, you should check out Chris' yarn dying adventures.

Last day to get your contest entries in! I'll be posting the winners tomorrow!

Pinkly pink! Pretty. The Singing Yarn does have lovely stuff - mmm, Patronus...

Aw, thanks! Do you have a loophole in your yarn diet for dyeing your own yarn?!?
I do love those buttons! The bamboo mess looks good to me.
I love the Singing Yarn colours, but luckily the colours I like most are sold. pff... I favorized the link, because I want to take it to my dying workshop I'm going to do in July (wow...holidays).
Did you buy the buttons at Shepherd's Harvest? I bought some there for my HSKS partner. Love them!
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