Thursday, May 24, 2007

I am so Diabolical!

I have a plan. A plan to enlist you all in my enabling activities!!! Mwaa ha ha ! See, I have a couple copies of this lovely, knitterly book by Debbie Macomber to give away. Three of them, (that is if the third person doesn't mind waiting until after I've read it!!!) I may even throw a skein of sock yarn in your package if I get some really good ideas! (Winner will be by random drawings - Um, how about next Wednesday?)

If you would like one of these copies of Back on Blossom Street, leave me a comment with your favorite place to shop online (yarn, patterns, ideas, or just for something wonderful!) I will add them to my shopping bookmarks and there will be even more enabling!!!

Then, next, I'm going to email Chaos and you know what happens then! He makes Chris post it on her blog and then, hopefully all of her lovely readers will come over here and help me to enable the shoppers!!!

I am so diabolical!
(also, 52 days!)

:p Gosh, I only got one copy from the publisher to give away!! I'll mention it this morning.
You. Are. Evil.

I too have the book...but I love this shopping site:

She makes bags, jewelry, etc., out of "found" or recycled items. Very fun. I have a couple of her handbags, and they're wonderful.

My new favorite place shop is here:

I mean, how cute are minature food stitch markers! i just bought the ice cream cones, and I custom ordered a set that will be "movie foods" for my Knitflix swap pal.
Some of my favorite shopping spots online:
Woodland Woolworks
Crown Mountain Farms
Carolina Homespun
Just popped in to say that you are clever indeed!!
I am a big fan of both kpixie and Mind's Eye Yarns.
Ohh also .
I have only bought online a couple of times and had great service from kpixie. I also liked the giant sale earlier in the spring from
I'd have to agree to Crown Mountain Farms, their yarns and rovings are beautiful and they ship super fast. I love A Piece of Vermont for the same reasons. Of course I have to add 'cause that's where I work! ; )
My very favorite place to shop online is The Loopy Ewe. The customer service can't be beat.
I am also a big fan of the Loopy Ewe. I like Simply Sock Yarns and Yarn4socks.
I am way out of the knitting loop, I know nothing about htese books!
I don't shop much online except maybe at limenviolet's store. I am more of a hands on, feel, try on, snuggle with kinda gal
I've had good luck with Albris Used Books (some of the more popular used knitting books are available at a huge discount). As far as yarn buying goes I LOVE Two Swans Yarn (great customer service, though limited yarn types) and the variety at Simply Sock yarns is hard to beat.
Oh gracious, you ARE diabolical!
Aside from Amazon, I love to shop at Zen Yarn Garden
Morehouse Farm
I mostly shop at Little Knits and, but I make a lot of to be cancelled carts at Webs too!
I love to shop online at and also at . Have fun!
I love eBay and etsy. I also really like and :)
I have this for you (all)

they send all over the world :-)

Beautiful scarf!
Are you sure that you want my list? My etsy list is really long. Plus if I told you my new favorite etsy shop, you will buy all of her yarn and I won't get any..... :(

But Sheri at The Loopy Ewe is great as is Connie at Pick-Up Sticks Canada. Crown Mountain has some great fiber to spin your own sock yarn.

But if you really want a list of some of my favorite etsy vendors, I can send them to you by email. Of course, I could send you some more yarn if I could bear to part with any any more.
My favorite online place, other than elann is

Wow, hard to narrow it down. I online shop A LOT. Mostly because I like getting things in the mail. (Which is why I also recently joined Swap-bot.)

Fearless Fibers over at Etsy has fabulous, reasonable sock yarn. has the best free patterns (I guess that's not really

Is a great soap shop from the knittingPhilistine

And I love The service is impeccable (On Tuesday,yarnhog just posted a review of how good the service is.)
I like The Wool Company

They are a New Zealand company and have great possum / wool mixes, as well as lovely merino (and some pricey but really nice clothing items).

The down side of this firm is that they are are not always the best at letting customers know if there are problems with stock. But their wool is totally worth these small hassles!
Bert says I have to behave and help you use your current stash. In that case, Elanns is great because there are so many wonderful free downloadable patterns. But -
Chief says shop till you drop. Go to Webs. They're having a big sale until May 30.
I love shopping on etsy - I get such great inspiration from the wonderful and beautiful things you can find just browsing! I always find some new and innovative crafty things to add to my stash.
Esty and Ebay are fine, but I love The Loopy Ewe, The Sweet Sheep, Simply Sock Yarn and this:

Carodan Farm
You are so naughty! You already caused my downfall once this month, you know! :-)

Anyway, I'll still play. Here's mya fave place. She's got a great "yarn of the month club."
I'm addicted to the prices at She's not good for my rapidly-expanding stash!
For hand dyed yarn, I go see Adam over at I have ordered from him a few times and he is awesome and his yarn is wonderful!
I like WEBS ( for their excellent sales and for gorgeous handpainted sock yarn, check out
I haven't read that one yet so I'm in! I shop at (it's located in Mora, New Mexico) when I want to really spoil myself with some alpaca yarn and I also like (super fast shipping as they are located in my state) and my latest obsession is Hmm. Wonder who turned me on to them??

Hope you didn't freeze this weekend!

Check out my blog, I've set up an exchange that I think you might like. :-)
Oooh, didn't know DM had a new Blossom book out. : )

I may be too late, but here are a few good links.

I go to Entrelac all the time for my stitch markers. Or get cute knitterly notecards from Knitterella.

Also Threadless? Crazy, funny, or weird T-shirts, $10 sale right now. : )
I'm sure it's been said in the comments before, but the Loopy Ewe is my favorite!
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