Wednesday, May 16, 2007


All right, so what I am going to show you today is evidence of my real need to be on this yarn diet. Right before I declared before all of blogland and the innernets that "I Am On A Yarn Diet for 90 Days" - I spent my usual amount of time browsing, but way too much time shopping. I placed an order during WEBS big sale. The week before my declaration. Really, I went back and checked my emails. The reason I checked my emails was because the shipment JUST ARRIVED!

Now, normally, I'd be a little peeved that this order didn't arrive, oh, I don't know, like the day before I ordered it. However, this has allowed me the joy of receiving the soft and the squooshy when I am in no way going to be able to order it for a Very. Long. Time. (sigh). Would you like to see it? Of course you would. Here:

I think I am going to make this.

So this makes 60 days much easier to take. However, it doesn't make my stash any smaller, but the intent of this diet was not necessarily to make smaller the stash, but to make smaller the amount of money flying out of my wallet! (I think the smaller stash part is coming over the next 60 days because people, I am making lists!! Lists of yarn, lists of projects completed, lists of projects I wish to make!! Oh boy, lists!)

Also? L&V have emailed me about an update here. Check it out just to read the descriptions. They are promising an update in the morning. (Although the email says 5/15 - I'm assuming they meant 5/16 since 5/15 is today and 11 am has already passed, unless their email is seriously screwed up, which could happen.)

Also, the website for the buttons is here. Bergschultz Buttons. She is going to make me a set of 7 matching buttons and is only asking for $4 and that I return the set I bought. She's totally awesome.

Doesn't 60 days sound much less daunting?

Probably you should be writing a tutorial on how to survive a yarn fast. :)
Your button lady sounds nice. I'll have to keep her in mind for the next time I need buttons.
Notice I have not commented on your yarn fast. Seriously, I don't think I could do that but I am watching you closely.

You are the great ENABLER. I shopped on because of you. Pictures as soon as they arrive.

Love the yarn for the leaf tie cardigan.
I've noticed WEBS can be sow shipping when there's a big sale on. Pretty colors, too!
Okay, dieting woman. What yarn are you going to buy--first thing--when your diet is over? Or have I missed a post that reveals that?
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