Thursday, May 10, 2007

Thank You!

Any of you who picked up that little project purse yesterday, because I went back to buy one last night, and they were ALL GONE!
However, you all know I am clever, right? I found the same bag at I did not buy it though. I want to wait until the Loopy gets it back in so I can get my order credit!!!

So I have no new yarn to show you today, no one has tempted me with the pretty via e-mail lately, and very little progress on the projects (I frogged the pink Bam-Boo, not the sock, the start of the sweater), and I re-cast it on smaller needles. I want to CLARIFY - I love the pink sock yarn, the little bit of bamboo in there is not causing me any issues. As a matter of fact, I am not finding it splitty at all.

However, the Classic Elite Bam Boo 100% bamboo? ARGGGH, split, tangle, twist and flop. Every time I finish a row, the cast on long tail is tangled in a knot around my working yarn. It's like banging your head against a brick wall. I would not buy, nor recommend this yarn to anyone. HOWEVER, (big however, right?) I am going to finish this sweater in the Bam Boo because I love the pink and I bought the yarn.

You did know that Lime-n-Violet have opened their own online store, didn't you? With roving, yarn and other goodies?

So, do you all read the Grumperina? I totally did exactly as she recommended this morning and went to check out the True Jeans website. Only because my jeans situation is pretty dire here. Pretty cool. I'll let you know how I like my jeans when they get here.

Day 66 here at casa Guinifer - and Rani? absolutely taken in the spirit intended!

Oh, and just to get a little more enabling in? Pick Up Sticks updated today and she has dpn organizers. Do you think I need one!!! Mwaaa hahaha!

I haven't had time to look at jeans websites or bag web sites because I've been OUT BUYING YARN. Bwaa ha ha!!!!
I have looked at the jeans website too. I will wait to see how your's turnout. I need jeans but am limited by the fact that I live in a place where it is Levis mostly. I need new jeans too. And I am short.

Yarn temptation may be onto the way to you soon.....
So much temptation, so little cash. I've been a bad girl already this month and, seriously, you're NOT HELPING. ;-D
Wow that was kinda like throwing fish food in the fish bowl! Can't wait until my bag arrives!
Does Sheri know when she's expecting more of those bags? I have to have one - they're awesome.

And you need to start earning a commission from her! Haaa!
Hi Guinifer. I wanted to thank you for checking out True Jeans and for placing an order. My name is Kristen and I am the content coordinator at True Jeans. We have been thrilled with the positive comments from the Grumperina community and are working hard to expand our product selection to better suite everyone's denim needs. Please let us know how your jeans work out for you. We are always looking for feedback to help improve our website, our product offerings and our fit technology. Thanks again for supporting True Jeans!
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