Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Sticks and Stones

That's all I bought at Shepherd's Harvest. Really. See?I love using the shorter DPN's and they are not easy to find and, the price was right. Those buttons are for my Flair. Aren't they wonderful? However, I need one more button. I miscounted. I've emailed the artist and hopefully she will make me a set of 8. In the meantime the ends are all woven in and it's neatly folded waiting for the new button.

I spent my gift certificate yesterday - I'll share when the package arrives! The second Charade sock is on the way and the Bam Boo horror will be underway next.

I'm pretty sure she's gotten her first ten, but I got this email about a new Sock Club from Mama E. I'm in her Project Spectrum Sock Club and the yarn has been fabu - check it out!

Hi All,
By popular demand ( and because I am the Club Queen!)
I present the YEAR OF THE SOCK Club.
That's right. One FULL YEAR of C*EYE*BER Fiber Goodness.
This is not just any sock club. It is a club that will Kick off in Late July with a WELCOME KIT and C*EYE*BER Fiber must haves!

And,the first 10 to sign up will get 15% off of your enrollment! How about it?


I'm at day 61 today, I'm feeling like if I make it to 45 it will be a miracle. For sure my stash will be smaller.

It's funny you mentioned short needles. That's all they had up in Ely. I protested, but since they had no others, I took them. I LOVE THEM! So much more comfortable than the longs for socks.

Also, how do I join that adventurous Sock-o-the-Year thing? I went to mamaespot, but didn't see the info.
Wow, those are some fantastic buttons! And the short needles are great for socks/mittens/what have you. I'm a two-circulars person, generally, but if I'm going to use DPNs they need to be short. And you're right - those can be a real pain to track down.
Love the buttons! I obviously didn't spend ENOUGH time browsing - I didn't see these. Who was the vendor?
I went to the fair too. I had to leave by 12 so I was there early, around 8:40. I watched the flax demo, which was wicked fun. I even bought some stuff.

Glad you had a good time!
Hmm, are there any other gift-giving occasions for which you might receive a gift certificate?? Swaps you can buy yarn for or receive yarn from??
oh, yes, the shorties are wonderful! I discovered them by accident and use them most of the time. You only bought one set?
Great googly mooglies! What restraint! I am so impressed. LOVE the buttons.
Okay I did it again...you post something and I buy it! I just signed up for Mama's sock club. I can't wait. You know it is the year of the sock.
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