Monday, May 21, 2007


I kitchnered these this weekend, this is actually the pair that put me up to 4.1 miles on the Sock Yarn Marathon. The pattern is Charade in Ashes and Roses from Seacoast Handpainted purchased at the Loopy Ewe. She's out of the Seacoast Handpainted right now, but I highly recommend it!! These are lovely socks with a nice firm fabric. Very girly.

I cast on my purple Apple Laine from my SP - a little lacy scarf. I pick it up when I need a break from my other projects (stockinette!). It's a four row repeat so very easy. Sometime this week I'm going to cast on my Red Dwarf sock in my STR Monsoon. (If you look in the Free Patterns on Turtlegirl's website - it's right there!)

Go visit Woolgirl - she has got so much gorgeousness going on that I can hardly stand it. Did I mention also, Sock Club?

Also, 55 days left.

Our HS Varsity team beat Minnetonka on Friday (both girls and boys) to win the Regional Championship. They go on to play this Wednesday against Benilde (boys) who is undefeated. My Teen is on the Freshman/Sophmore team and they won their first game on Saturday, but lost to Burnsville in their second game. They won their third game against Prior Lake to take the Consolation Championship - or third place in their Region. They played good, clean, Lacrosse so they were proud of how they played.

Tonight the 5/6 teams start their season with a scrimmage against Chaska, so we start all over again! Go Eagles!

Wow, talk about perfectly made socks, those Charades look totally perfect! Good job!
I'm a big fan of mindless knitting -- ribbing is about as far as I will generally go -- and I think those Charade socks might fit into my parameters. Thanks for the link!
Charades are beautiful! And you gave me a great link... Those apple laine patterns are fabulous! I saw about 10 I wanted to make. the French say...
And yes, of course I'll tell you when the parcel arrives!
Another gorgeous pair of socks!!

I want to see more of that scarf...
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