Monday, May 07, 2007


Turn it upside down, and it's still the same!

I just posted last night, but I got an email this morning from this nice lady.

That pretty black and pink up there is new this week. Her e-mail informed me of the following goodness coming up this week. Sigh. 69.

I tell you, verbatim:

Updates for the week of May 8th, 2007

We have lots of yarn coming in this week, including:

¨ Union Center Knits – a multitude of colors, including Woolgirl and Kitty’s Eyes

¨ Zen Yarn Garden – surprise colorways which will be unique to Woolgirl

¨ Lavender Sheep – new fingering weight colorways added. Stunning colorways!

¨ Noro – a few additional colors of Noro being added

¨ Spunky Eclectic – Spunky is scheduled to arrive later this week in many, many colors!

¨ The Fibre Company – lots of Terra colorways arriving this week!

¨ JO Designs – additional gift boxes arriving with sheep motifs!

¨ Lantern Moon – additional tape measure designs

¨ Cosa Nova – new tape measure designs arriving this week!

A Contest!

Woolgirl’s first official contest is now underway at Woolgirl’s blog, located at It’s a color contest, and the prizes include yarn and other goodies, so check it out!

New Indie Dyers

We have 2 new Indie dyers joining the shop in May. You’re going to love their yarn and colorways! Stay tuned….

I'm trying to calculate the commission you must get. ;)
I keep meaning to thank you for the url to Captain's Kennel. I was so interested in seeing the working poodles. I've always wanted a poodle for obedience. They can be fantastic working dogs, unfortunately too many lines have been ruined by foo-foo breeding. Now I know where to start my search - some day when I don't have too many dogs as it is!

LOVE that pink Bam Boo. Can't wait to see it on the needles.
Love the sweater pattern! I'll have to check my back magazine stack and see if I have that issue! BTW, I do have a knitting machine but haven't used it for quite awhile. My kids were using it to make felted purses for sale a couple years ago. Since then, I've been wanting to pick up some finer cone yarn to use it myself. More to come on the blog - after dance recitals, though.
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