Sunday, December 30, 2007

The End of Break Migraine:

There will be no champagne for me tomorrow night - I'll be lucky to make it through the day tomorrow without flashes of blinding pain. However, DH is making smoked ribs for dinner - mmmm.

The new puppy is home and demanding a lot of my time in the main area of the house - posting is going to be spotty. He's so dark, he's difficult to photograph, as soon as I get lucky with the camera you'll get a photo of all his glory.

In the meantime, sitting with puppy gives me a lot of time to knit - look! FO!

Pattern: Twin Rib Socks by Danni Conway. Yarn: Yarn Pirate Merino/Tencel in the Dogwood colorway. Needles: Lantern Moon Sox Stix in US size 1 dpn's. Started: December 18, 2007 Completed: December 31, 2007. Really easy pattern, and I love this yarn with the Tencel in it!

I can hardly believe I'm going to say this, but the WEBS sale started last week and I did NOT place an order, yet. There has been a little bit of last minute scurrying to order, but I didn't join any new sock clubs, so look for reintroductions to my stash over the next three months. Tomorrow is my last legal day, I still have to come up with an inspired way to get that stash used up faster than I am filling it.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

We have just been soooo lazy!

Kona has been very happy with the snow and his Kong frisbee (best frisbee ever made for a chewing dog - he can't tear it to shreds - at least not quickly):

We are off to pick up his partner in crime tomorrow morning.

A sock was finished. Sock #2 is about half done. I really like these sock yarns with tencel or bamboo in them. This is Yarn Pirate in Dogwood - I will give you more info when I have the pair finished.
Warning Guest Etiquette Rant: Christmas was lovely, with the exception surrounding a relative who called to know if they could bring their THREE (VERY NOISY) Yorkshire Terriers to my gathering of 18+ people and two (hunting sized) dogs. There were some factors to be considered:

So, considering all those factors, I said no to the Yorkies. The people could come and stay, but they needed to make arrangements for the dogs that did not involve our gathering or my house. The passive-aggressive drama would have boggled your mind. I knew it was happening, and I STILL felt guilty. They came. Left the dogs in their car and then left in a huff because the dogs were cold (we had offered the heated back room of our garage [the back room has carpet, and an overstuffed double sized chair!], but it was refused by a very martyred relative). Cripes! All right, rant over.

I received many fun gifts, and the Teen gave me a Loopy Ewe GC so I was able to order in some stash before my Stash Management Plan goes into effect. (It's not here yet, be patient.) The boys got Rock Band for the PS3 and they have been rockin' away for the last 48 hours or so.

Monday, December 24, 2007

What Could Keep Me From the Blog for Four Days?

Hmm, let's see.... First there was the last minute present shopping. Sorry Gracie, there will be no Betsy Tacy books under the tree for you, the shop I ordered them from did not see fit to tell me they could not get them until, um, let's see, yea, that would be December 22 (and then, I had to call THEM!)

Oh, then there was frantic knitting:

Hourglass Sweater and one Twin Rib Sock in Yarn Pirate's Dogwood

Also, planning for the next pair of socks:

Lisa Souza Tiny Twist

Also, the next sweater:

Berocco Peruvia

Some "Last Hurrah!" yarn ordering took place, but then, you knew it would, didn't you?

Zen Yarn Garden and tvyarn from white oak studio (all from Woolgirl!)

Then of course, there was the sprained ankle courtesy of the random Drunkard at the Christmas party I attended on Saturday night. Urgent Care the Sunday before Christmas Eve is a treat for EVERYBODY! So, let's see, three hours in the doctor's office, and then back and forth in a snow storm. Sheesh.

Can't forget the hockey game on December 23...(though I think we all would like to, the other team had 32 shots on goal, our team had 1...on the bright side, Puck made the only shot on goal).

Sorry for the lack of linkiness - I'm trying to get this up in a hurry as Santa is coming and I must be in bed when he gets here or there will be no presents for me!


Thursday, December 20, 2007

I am TLE's helpless thrall:

Yarn Love's Elizabeth Bennet in Sweetheart (65% Merino, 20% Bamboo, 15% Silk)

You just have to send me an email promising me a Loopy Groupie Goodie, and I place an order.

Seacoast Handpainted Panda in Coal and Fire (60% merino, 30% bamboo, 10% nylon)

Not just any order, a humongous order. You tease me with special colors of Cherry Tree Hill.

Cherry Tree Hill in King's Ransom

I had to have two.

Oh, come on! Sweet Potato Pie?

I think it's fair to say that Yarn Diet 2008 starts in 11 days. Be forwarned.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Football WIP's:

Well, That Vikings game certainly exhausted me!

I had to keep walking away to another room, I couldn't watch that mess that was the first half! So I had different projects in front of the different TV's.

Basement TV - the Hourglass Sweater:

In my Studio: The Twin Rib Socks in some Yarn Pirate Merino Tencel (shiny...).

My Brooklyn Handspun came yesterday - it's girly time!

Splash of Pink and Warm Night - I think Yarn Fast 2008 is gearing up - I think I will add stash usage goals to the the diet this year.

And - I am determined to get these Needle Hugger stitch markers in every size - I love that they just don't get in the way.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Stress-Free Weekends

Really. Most of the shopping is done, I wrapped most of the presents today, we had only fun hockey this weekend (one family had a pond hockey party for the kids and a bonfire for the grown-ups).

I got a package on Thursday, my Woolgirl Sock Club package, which I actually had forgotten about! The stitch marker is a beautiful glass bead from Mama Llama.

The little pine tree? It's a tape measure! CUTE!
The yarn is The Unique Sheep in a great green-blue color. The pattern is called Spruce Sprigs designed by Alina Egerman. Yummy! One of these days, I'm really going to have to get to a Sock Club pattern.

Also, after December 31, the sock club registrations for 2008 are going to open to the general public. It's been a great sock club, but I have to debate the allocation of my yarn budget for next year!

Pattern: Chevron & Feather Anklet Socks by Sarah Hinz on Fall '06 issue. Yarn: Cider Moon Glacier it looks like their sales have been temporarily suspended - yikes! Needles: Takumi Clover US size 3 dpn's. Started: December 9, 2007 Completed: December 16, 2007. Another easy-peasy pattern.

Also, I wandered into Etsy a couple weeks ago wishing for a reasonably priced, cute little tote for my socks in progress. I found these, and they are crazy priced! Look at the cute little knot she ties on the zipper pull!
There was also an infusion of yarn pr0n, which I'll show you guys later this week!

Friday, December 14, 2007

Winter Wonderland

1. What’s your favorite sock yarn? Note that the word ‘yarn’ is singular. Just pick one.
As you could see yesterday, I've run the gamut of the sock yarns. I think the most predominant yarn in my rainbow would be the Socks that Rock lightweight - but I do have to say that my newest favorite is the White Oaks Studio TVyarn. This could easily change quite quickly.

2. What’s your favorite type and brand of sock needle? Wooden needles are easier on my digits, but I break them. I own the most of the Knitpicks Options dpn's. And I am a dpn stickler.

3. Do you knit your socks toe up, cuff down, or sideways? Hmm, I've never tried sideways, nor toe up for that matter. I am rather staid in that I find comfort in my cuff down style.

4. Do you knit both socks at once or just one at a time? I knit them one at a time. I like knowing that I have one that works before I start the second one.

5. What’s your favorite toe and why? Well, mine is my second toe on my right foot, Deb, but that's beside the point. I don't know that's it's got a name, but I guess it's the cuff down toe that I see the most often...

6. Favorite heel? Heel flap - patterned, ribbed or plain. I love pickin' up those gusset stitches.

7. Do you prefer plain or patterned socks? I like stitch patterns because I like counting the repeats.

8. Who do you knit the most socks for? Oh, me, I'm the one with cold feet in our house. Though mom has been known to sneak in and steal off with a pair.

9. Do you darn your socks? If not, what do you do with them? Not yet.

10. Do you only wear hand-knit socks? Except when I'm on the treadmill in the mornings, and of course, not with my sandals in summer.

Bonus question: What pattern, if any, is your basic “I-just-need-a-pair-of-socks” sock pattern based on? Hmmm, I don't think I've actually repeated a pattern yet. Though I have to say I like Roza's sock and the Charade Socks.

I got my Woolgirl December Sock Club shipment yesterday - I'll have some pictures for you tomorrow. I may actually wind this skein up and knit it next!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Sometime in the last month, somebody asked me how many pairs of socks I have knitted.

Well, I gathered all the socks in my drawer and laid them out in a pretty, pretty, rainbow-like arrangement:
And I counted 32 pairs. But then I remembered this pair that my mom has. Seriously - I invited her to a hockey game and she walks outta my house with my newest pair of socks! Hmph! Oh, and my Apres Swap pair that I am mailing out in January.
Then there was a pair I knit for my husband, way back when - I can't even find that post - so that makes 35 pairs - oh and the pair I finished last night! 36!

Pattern: Ripples Socks by Annie Design for Sockamania Yarn: Brooklyn Handspun Signature Superwash in Wading Needles: Knitpicks Options US size 2 dpn's. Started: December 8, 2007 Completed: December 12, 2007.

I did not change a thing on these socks. I followed the pattern to the letter. Love it! Very easy. Also? The yarn is very squooshy. Makes me so glad that I ordered some more on Sunday.....

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

One Ripples Sock:

I downloaded a copy of my camera manual last week and I've finally rediscovered some of the settings on my very serviceable little Sony Cyber-shot. I have been having camera envy for the last couple of months, but this little guy really does OK for me. I'm just past the heel on the second Ripple sock, and I've also gotten just past the heel on another sock that I started on Sunday night.

This is the Chevron & Feather Anklet Socks from For The Love of Yarn. (A nice little resource for patterns!)

I'm knitting these from Cider Moon's Glacier in the Sea Grass colorway. The cuff took about an hour and a half. I'm doing a heel flap instead of the called-for short row heel. I'm lookin' at two pairs of socks by the end of the weekend!

We've had the Winter 6th grade band concert last night. Puck was rockin' the trombone. The rest of the week is for cookies and stocking stuffer shopping. Oh, and wrapping.

On Sunday night we get to empty the tiger piggy bank, cash it in (mom and dad match whatever the kids have put in 2-1) and go out for our Toys for Tots shopping trip. The boys tear through those Target toy aisles like they own the place! The Teen likes to man the calculator, but Puck's favorite part is having apple cider with the Marines at the drop off tent at Kare 11.

Monday, December 10, 2007

It's Kind Of an FO!

It really looks much prettier at night.

But, it's up. Phew. Now I have to wrap all those presents. (hah)

I'll have more sock pictures to show you tomorrow - but the yarn from yesterday's Ripples sock is Brooklyn Handspun Softspun in the Wading colorway - I tried to send you guys over there yesterday! She still has some great colorways left! The Ripples pattern is available here. Annie sends patterns out once a month to members of her website Sockamania - I think she accepts new members monthly. I am now going to put down the needles and pick up a book, maybe enjoy my Christmas tree for a bit.

ETA: See? Doesn't it look better at night? (Humor me, please.)

Sunday, December 09, 2007


My socks now have them:

Easiest pattern ever. I already started the second sock.


Also? Oh, holy cow! I give up, NOW I have seen everything - Planet Unicorn, Hey!

Saturday, December 08, 2007

My So Called Weekend

Well, my weekend started with a hockey game and a noisy 6th grade sleepover. How about yours? I started My So-Called Scarf this week. Here's my progress report.

This yarn is really nice, I would consider using it again for a bigger project. I am 18 inches into this scarf and I still have 3/4 of the skein. I am thinking that this would look absolutely lovely in one of Lisa's more solid colorways. (Also? It would be a lot faster to knit than Abotonacity in it's lovely fingering weight glory.) Of course, I could always crack into the Wool of the Andes I have in the stash.

Puck had a hockey game out in Chaska last night. At the end of the third period we were leading 3-1, our defense took a break and they scored three goals in 24 seconds. Seriously. Crazy. End score was 4-4. Sheesh. I also got to meet Lorraine of Faith & Fiber very briefly. I was so in to this crazy hockey game, that when she came up looking for me I stared at her like I was bereft of brains. Whenever someone comes looking for me in the stands at a hockey game, I think Puck has been hurt! Once I realized she was wearing a gorgeous purple and gold striped hand-knit scarf, it dawned on me who I was speaking with!

I woke up this morning with eyes puffed up like they were two soaking prunes. I am allergic to SOMETHING, I have no idea what. Every once in a while, my eyes will start itching like there are one million mosquitos in them, that happened last night, and when I woke up, voila! I looked like Droopy Dawg. Benadryl and cold compresses help, but they are still very puffy. At least the itchy is gone. I suppose the logical think to do would be to see an Allergist, but those darn doctors, they just give you medicine and tell you to stay away from something. Grump.

ETA: Brooklyn Handspun updated her shop this morning, in case anyone is interested in some of her YUMMY yarn!

Friday, December 07, 2007

Searching for Betsy & Tacy
(by Maud Hart Lovelace)

My 10-year-old niece would like to finish reading the Betsy & Tacy series of books. She has asked for them for Christmas. (Specifically: Betsy and Joe, Betsy and the Great World and Betsy's Wedding.) Now, I read these in the late 60's. My school library had the complete set, and actually they were probably dated back then. But I loved them, along with millions of other little girls. The last printing of these three books was back around the year 2000. The libraries don't have them and the book stores don't have them. eBay has a first edition of Betsy and Joe selling for around $125.00. Used copies are going for anywhere from $30 to $50. A silly price to pay unless you are a serious book collector. I'll get her a Barnes & Noble gift card instead, but, I'm sad I can't share the gift of these books with her.

ETA: Found! Two of the three were found at the Book Nook! Thank you so much Yarn Miracle! I will be the Cool Aunt on Christmas day!!!!!!

Thursday, December 06, 2007

What would I do without the Etsy?

Remember back here when I mentioned that Ruby Sapphire was offering 40% off their yarn? Well, I loved these so much, that I had to stop in and scoop up these two:

This is Tyrod in their Panda Sock Yarn - 60% Merino/30% Bamboo/10% nylon. So shiny!

And this one is Rahim, also in the Panda Sock. The Holidays have really emptied out a lot of my favorite Etsy stores. RubySapphire only has four skeins left in-stock. LuLu has some Panda that are in some very different colorways, but she does an excellent job.

You've all seen the new Knitty, yes? Love all the sock patterns - I shall print them off this morning for my sock notebook. The project I really want to start on is Abotanicity (what is it with Knitty and the hard-t0-spell pattern names?). It's knit with sock yarn! Eek! She used the Zitron Trekking XXL - any ideas or should I stick with what she used?


Wednesday, December 05, 2007


That is how cold it is outside right now. That single negative number is an argument for knitting.

I finished a pair of socks that are destined to be a gift in a small, apres-Xmas, sock swap that I am participating in. I picked a new-to-me sock yarn and a lacier pattern than I am used to. I am showing you these photos in black and white so something will be a surprise should my swap pal stumble across this. (Easy to stumble with a small group.)

I will give the deets and a color picture after the Holidays when I can get away with it cleanly.

As you may have figured out I had a lovely knitting excursion on Friday night over at Mayhem and Chaos' house. They let Chris live there too, though I don't know why, she's so noisy the neighbors complain all the time. I was working on the Apres sock project (see above). Chris was finishing up some lovely Vikings-themed socks. I got to meet Jess, who was working on a lovely granny apple green sweater. I also got to meet the Fiber Fool (a sock designing genius!) If you click - check out her sock patterns! I got to meet Jeanne who was knitting away at bibs and sadly needs some knit-inspiration, mostly I think she was the Chief Mayhem Herder who made sure that May did not shred any stray yarn she came across. Lastly, I met a lovely, sweater clad, Procrastinatrix. I had to go right out and buy a quart of olives stuffed with sun-dried tomatoes the next day because the ones that Chris served us were so delicious I had to share them with my DH!

I picked up some straight needles tonight and cast on a "So Called Scarf". I've got about six inches done - I wish now I'd made it a little wider, but not so much I'd frog it back! I'm using some Lisa Souza (Da bluez0, it may be a Christmas gift, or it may not.

TLE did some updating this week, and I totally missed it, however, I fully intend to head over there tonight to buy some Bellamoden Lolita - she is fantastic with the colors. I have been debating which color I wanted all week long, but today I ran out of SOAK - so it's time for an order!

I'll have some pretty yarn pr0n for you tomorrow!

Sunday, December 02, 2007

How to make a Felted Beanie:

Step 1. Make a lovely hat like this out of some softy, soft-s0ft Malabrigo.

Any color will do.

2. Give it to a Teenager.

3. Teenager will eventually ball it up in a pocket and throw it in the laundry, where it will be washed with other things like jeans and jackets.

4. Out of the dryer will come this:

Voila! A felted beanie.

A couple people wanted to see the beanie, so I had to go hunt it up.

Puck's team was not victorious on Friday, but they were amazing this afternoon! Mtka Black beat them 4-1 on Friday. Today they played Waconia and won 3-1. Puck got a goal and he's one of the team's better two-way players (at least today he was - heh).

Kona Update: Well, Kona has not eaten anything untoward in three whole days. Nor has he torn parts of his body from their designated place, even while hunting. As a matter of fact, in a hunting party of five, he was NOT the one that fell waist deep into icy water on Saturday. Yay Kona!

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