Thursday, May 31, 2007

And The Winner Is....

First I had Mr. Sock shake up the entries, then he reached in and pulled out my three winners!!
He was very deliberate (do notice that I have about three more inches to complete Mr. Sock!).

First I pulled out Patty's entry (she was my SP9 pal and she spoiled me rotten!!) Patty is at and she recommended and Yarnzilla (Yarnzilla is about ten minutes from my house!).

Then I pulled out Jenn's name and she recommended (been there, loved that), and whom I had not visited before. You can find Jenn here.

My third winner is Lois who is Hoping to Retire here. She would like us all to check out

That should certainly be enough enabling for you all today!

Now I have 45 days left!

ETA: Also - many of you recommended Carodan Farm - FYI they are starting a 10% off sale over the next five days using this coupon code: 7002JUN

Congrats to the winners!
Congratulations to all! How's the book?
That's a nice sock pattern - looks like Monkey sock to my inexperienced eye.

Thanks for all the (achem) 'inspiring' links. I did not use the word enabling because I can no longer be a victim. Must take responsibility for irresponsible behavior. I'm currently stalking the Rockin' Sock Club hoping they'll start another one . . . and when they do . . . !!!!!

Give Kona a smoochy!
Yeah!! I rarely win anything so this is awesome!!

Thank you - thank you - thank you!
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