Thursday, May 17, 2007

ETA Special Bulletin:

Pick Up Sticks has yarn and rosewood dpn's on sale - check it out:
Briar Rose arrived - well, some of it! No Fourth of July yet but lots of Sea Pearl and Angel Face. Wow!
-Mama Llama is marked down!

-Spunky Eclectic is marked down!

-Rosewood Straight Knitting Needles are now 1/2 price!

Go spend for me friends, go!

I Swear!

I'm not ordering new yarn (well, except for that gift certificate - but I didn't spend the money - somebody else did!) But, it just keeps showing up on my doorstep!

Really, today I intended to show pretty Spring flower pictures,
My teenager loves this one - he thinks the heart-shaped flowers are really cool.

Mother's Day flower pictures, some puppy pictures, I just thought I had nothing fibery to show you, and then Mia comes through for me and shares her Maryland bounty with me!!! Yesterday, I opened my mailbox and look what I found!!

First, she sent me some Artyarns Ultramerino in a lovely purple/cherry red color and some yummy Tess that I've been watching all those ladies flash from Maryland Sheep. I can make my own Kermit now! Now, I am going to have to rustle around and find something yummy for her! (I'm sure it shouldn't be a problem...)

And Chris was flashing pictures of Killer Bunnies on her website so now I'm going to have to watch the movie because I have images of Silly English Kniggets and cow catapults running through my head.

We were at the first HS Regional Championship Lacrosse game last night with 23 5th & 6th grade boys (DH coaches a team), and we thought it would be beneficial for these beginner players to see some big guys play. We had a riot! Our team also won 16 to 3! They play again tonight against a much tougher team. Go Eagles.

Oh, and Chris also posted about a Summer Goals contest over here (let her know I sent you if you go to visit - I get extra credit!) - so here are my summer goals:

1. Keep up the yarn diet until July 15.
2. 7 Miles of sock yarn knit up. (I'm up to 4)
3. Finish the Bam Boo atrocity
4. Complete Cropped Cardigan from fitted knits/Knitty
5. Finish Flair
6. Cache-coeur from Weekend Knitting
7. Arches & Columns from my Apple Laine

I believe that is sufficient - If I make unbelievable progress, I will update!

59 days to go!

That is one of the most beautiful dogs I have ever seen (the other lives here at my house!)

How old? Because they look like sisters! Our Ruby has the same face and long tail and legs. WOW! I can't believe the resemblence. Yours looks a bit younger.
Ah...I love Bleeding Hearts. I remember my great aunt showing me that if you pull the flowers apart, you end get with two bunnies, some earings, dutchman's breeches, and something else. Oh so long ago.
la la la I'm ignoring the first part of your post. : ) Pretty flowers!
Hee hee - spreading the need to watch Monty Python across Knitting Blogland... :D

Your goals are so concrete - I like the mileage goals.

Hmm, I'm still curious how you're managing to get so much yarn... Hmmm....

Pretty flowers!
Wow, the flowers are pretty. And I love the pink but I like pink.

Yarn? What yarn? I didn't realize you were on a yarn diet? Does that mean I shouldn't have sent you any? Somehow I didn't think you would object to yarn. Did the boys let you have the candy though is the question.
ah, bleeding hearts always make me sentimental. Will be the colour of my next socks. Though. Therefore. Your sock- and yarndesease was pretty infective. In two weeks I'll have a yarn adress for you that will make you green! :-)
Love the yarn! Good luck with the goals too!

Can't wait to see how they all turn out!

Way to list those goals!
Happy knitting-
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