Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Autumnal Musing...

How does a dog that looks like this most of the time...
get his photo in this august publication in an article on hunting through the generations? (I mean august in the sense of old and esteemed, not the month.)


Actually - Kona's not even the focus of this photograph he's the little-bitty dark dog in the background of the photo (with my dh and the Teen!) However, the South Dakota photographs were taken on my husband's family's land. Pretty awesome, if you ask me.

ETA: Evidently you have to page through the photos - the one with Kona in it is the fourth one in (with the guy kneeling in the foreground).

This also, is equally awesome:
TLE has come through again with the awesomeness, this is Oceanwinds Merino - hand-dyed in Canada. This color is Vancouver Island. (She snuck in another sneak-up this week...)

Also, Ms. Knitterly Things (check it out - she's got a cute workhorse scarf pattern up today) is listing some Vesper in her store tonight between 5-6 pm ETA That's Eastern Time! Personally, I covet the Tainted Love colorway.

Well, we are off to hockey tonight, it all begins again!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

I have SO been knitting!

It's just that I've been going to football games, birthday parties, anniversary dinners (mine!), hockey practice and halloween parties, oh and breaking up smooching sessions, (but really, that one was no fun at all.) Can I help it if I'm too exhausted to pick up those KP Options and toss off a few stitches?

My package for my Coffeeswap Pal? Still sitting on the floor, coffee-less. Oh, and treat-less as well. It should be relatively easy to add that part, it just means I have to drive somewhere and actually purchase some items. (sigh) Did I mention that I am exhausted? Look, I even have some evidence of my knitting:

Smooshy Northeastern Sock:

One down and the second just begun.

My KP&S sweater which is in stockinette purgatory right now. However, I will love this sweater forever and ever if it ever gets long enough! (Notice the Diet Coke by my sweater. Someday, I must curb my addiction to Diet Coke. My Cub store ran out of cases of Diet Coke last night - tell me - how does a store RUN OUT of Diet Coke? Is there NOT a bottomless supply somewhere of Diet Coke? I had to buy Diet Coke w/Splenda and I do believe I like it.)

STR Raven - blown out with my flash - but I kind of like this picture. This will make some very lovely socks. I am not joining the STR Sock Club next year, as I think I will prefer to spend my money on just their lovely yarn. Most of the patterns were simply not to my taste.

Puck's team lost their Championship game on Saturday, but they put up a gallant effort. The final score was 20-14 and very nearly scored a tying touchdown, but it was not meant to be. We were all just grateful our own little guys did not get hauled off the field on a gurney as happened in the game just following ours. The injured boy was up and ready to play hockey the next day, but it really scared an entire community to hear that an 11 year old had been hit in the back by someone's helmet and then hit from the front. He went down and could not move his hands or feet. Can you think of anything more terrifying? As I said, however, he went home from the ER that night and was darned unhappy that he missed the rest of his football game. (His team won third place.)

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Kids Are on their Buses....

I don't know about you, but some mornings that is a very happy accomplishment.

As is turning a pretty heel. Smooshy really is very smooshy. I have been knitting so furiously I am blistering up. I'm knitting Wendy's Southwestern Socks pattern(pdf) - but I wanted to knit it cuff-down so the pattern is reversed - so I'm thinking I really need to call these my Northeastern Socks 'cause they're kind of upside-down.

So, anybody have advice for a fifteen year old boy with his first girlfriend? 'Cause Teenager is going on his second "date" tomorrow evening. (gulp)

ETA: OMG - if you don't read dooce.com - you have to read her blog entry today. She has an unusually challenging daughter (delightful, but challenging) and this story rocked my morning!!! I will be quoting her daughter in my head all day today.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


White Oaks Studio tvyarn is speaking to me (her shop is empty right now, but she's updating after next weekend - check her sold items). Problem is, I'm not sure what it wants. What pattern would most show off this dark and lovely yarn? I love my Roza's Socks, or perhaps Charade again? I'm going to have to get my notebook out and peruse the patterns. But we are casting this sock on next. (My Smooshy sock has already turned the heel and is in gussetland as we speak!)

I am finishing off my package for my Coffee Swap Pal - Maria. Oh, these are not for her, but there is a little tin of something in that box for her. When I was shopping for her goodies, I came across these no-snag stitch markers over on etsy and had to have a set (or two) for me. Somehow I wound up with two; one larger and the other sock-needle sized. She's added some gorgeous things since I was shopping, the Knitters' Bracelets are tempting me (they're row counters).

No sports today, Puck has the big semi-final Football playoff game tomorrow night. I'm nervous already! As soon as Football is over, we swing full gear into Hockey. We are hosting a Hockey Parents (only) party next Saturday - so the parents can bond? Don't ask me, I'm just along for the ride, I really don't understand the whole hockey community. Now, I've got to go and clean....really.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Poof! Weekend Gone.

Well, that was certainly anti-climactic.

My much-anticipated Weekend of Solitude and Knitting really just kind of disappeared. The boys were getting ready to leave on Wednesday night when Puck realized that this weekend was NOT the "Ute Hunt" (that's what they call it in Eureka, SD - imagine Lawrence Welk), and his cousin would not be present. I had instant 11 year old company and responsibilities for the weekend. Puck was more demanding than normal because, well, MEA Weekend = No Kids In Town.

So, the Teenager and DH left on Thursday morning and Puck and I made plans for our "do whatever we feel like" weekend. We were doing just fine (although I think Puck was getting tired of my company), then on Friday the Teenager calls to inform me that he and DH would be home by 9:00. Well, there you go - instant family = very little knitting time. Sigh. There still will be the "Ute Hunt" in a couple weeks so I will get my weekend "vacation", just not last weekend.

So, I've been plugging away at my KP&S Neckdown Wrap Cardigan.

Lot's of stockinette and pretty easy knitting right now, but I feel a bit of a slacker if I don't have at least a couple active projects on the needles. So last night as I watched the Wild play hockey I decided to cast on another pair of socks.

(My friend Lazy Daisy linked over here! Hi! Only one pair of socks on the needles right now! Hi!)

So, I grabbed some Dream in Color Smooshy I bought from TLE (The Loopy has finished their move and Sheri updated the website late on Saturday night) and cast on the Southwestern Socks (do check out her free patterns!) pattern (which I am converting to cuff down) from Wendy Knits.

Since I'm talking about sock yarn - Woolgirl updated her site last night, however, unless you are on her email list, there was no way to pick up the Yarntini she added last night.

Then, because I said I was casting this on last week, I actually decided to do it. Lady of the Lake out of Fleece Artist. This is a very fast knit as it is on giant needles. The color of that yarn is not nearly that crazy red. It is a deep cranberry color.We have the "Crazy Young Athlete Schedule" running again this week. Have sympathy for Puck, would you? (Monday: Football then hockey, Tuesday: Football, Wednesday: Music lessons (phew!), Thursday: Playoff Football game (& hockey, but we're NOT goin'), Friday: hockey, Saturday: Championship Football game (if they win on Thursday) & Hockey. Hmm, which project is going to live in the car this week?

ETA: Since I've already alarmed someone, I should say, Puck gets home from school at 2:30 in the afternoon - Football doesn't start until 5:00, hockey is at 7:00! He's 11 so he has PLENTY of homework time.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Startled Me Nearly Half to Death!

A bright flash of light - I gasped - look! The Sun! I grabbed my camera - memory card was full - quick change the card......oop. It's gone. This is the resulting photo, isn't it sad? That's where the sun USED to be.

I stood in three inches of mud for two hours this morning watching my rockin' nephew play football. He plays JV over in Maple Grove. I grew up with a sister two years younger than I and a brother nine years younger (and decidedly not an athlete). So tell me, where does little sis get off having a sixteen-year-old son who is six foot four inches and 260 lbs? They won!

Sockamania - done!

Pattern: Elegance Socks by Anni Design for Sockamania. Yarn: Spritely Goods Handdyed Fey Fine Fingering Yarn in the Limited Edition Sherwood color. Needles: 2.75 (US 2) Knitpicks dpns. Started: October 2, 2007 Completed: October 17, 2007.

It's time to pick up the sweater knitting again! (Puck stayed home from hunting so we bought WiiSims and he's been havin' a riot this afternoon.)

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Maria from Mias Fok Art sent me this cool Halloween treat! (Maria is my rockin' Coffeeswap III Pal.) Hootin' Anni started this goodwill gesture, and asks that we pay it forward to others...not people you talk to all the time, but new friends, or old friends too, it's up to you.! If you receive this treat from me, please save the image to your server and pass the treat on to 1 to 5 others. Don't forget to explain that this originated with Hootin'Anni, and provide a link to her blog........Thanks, Maria!

I'll send this via a comment to Amy at Knit Think(because she really loves to have fun, I definitely think I need to party with her) , Chris and her Kitties 'cause - well - Halloween/black cats, and Deb over at Wound Too Tight 'cause she is the first Knitblogger I have met IRL(and she is ALWAYS making me giggle)! Now let's pay it forward! Thanks Maria!

NaNoSweMo (National Sweater Knitting Month)

Since I have two sweater up next in line, NaNoSweMo seems to make sense for me for November. Check it out over at Knitgrrrl.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Not an Ark. This time.

Seriously, I am starting to develop trenchfoot from standing in the mud at football practices. Imagine how Puck must feel. Especially last night, after two hours of icy rainy football, he has to tie on the skates for a two hour hockey practice. Did I bring him hot chocolate to warm up before hockey? Yes. Did I let him leave hockey practice early, before he collapsed? You bet I did.

A very bright and shiny FO. Pattern: Feather Pluckin' by Erin Vaughan. (Her store is currently closed - but she has a cute, free sock pattern here. Yarn: Yarntini's Mint Mojito Variegated. Needles: 2.5 mm Brittany dpn's. Started: October 2, 2007 Completed: October 15, 2007.
The second Elegance sock is moving along.

See the prettiness I am going to cast on next? This is Fleece Artist Curlylocks and Kid Aran. It is going to become a Lady of the Lake. I blame the Yarn Harlot. See her September 12 blog entry.
It is a deeper red than can possibly be shown on a computer screen with my limited ablities.

The males in my house (that means everybody else but me), are heading out to South Dakota on Thursday for a Pheasant Hunting Expedition, so I will be curled up with movies and knitting this weekend (sigh). But right now, I have to go purchase winter UnderArmour for the pigskin warrior, Puck. Brrrrr.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Gratuitous Yarn Pron

Coffeeswap 3 Questions & Answers:

My pal is Maria who lives just a couple miles from my house!

1. Whole bean or ground? Either is fine.
2. Fully-loaded or decaf? We're gettin' old here, I think we need to stick with the decaf.

3. Regular or flavored? Definitely regular. A rich columbian is always nice.
4. How do you drink your coffee? Intermittently as a refreshing break from my Diet Coke.
5. Favorite coffee ever? We are adventurers and like to try the new kid on the block.

6. Are you fussy about your coffee or will any old bean do? Nothing too dark or nasty smelling at this house.
7. Favorite treats to have with your coffee? Chocolate and shortbread are two faves.

8. Anything else about your coffee preferences? Not that I could think of.
9. Yarn/fiber you love? I have been on a huge Alpaca kick. Nothing too flyaway fuzzy. Hand painted or hand dyed sock yarns are always a huge thrill for me.

10. Yarn/fiber you hate? I echo the Knittymama herself: Acrylics, froo-frooish/fluffy stuff
11. What’s on your needles? My Elegance socks, my Feather Pluckin socks, KP&S Wrap Sweater and hmmm, isn't there something else I can cast on? Let me see.....
12. Favorite colors? Just about everything except the dinner mint pastel yellow or green.
13. Allergies? Nope
14. Anything you really love, really don’t like, or just need to get off your chest. Puck's team won their last regular season game!!!!!!!!!!! Can I get a WOOT! 24 to 7! They finished in second place and get a bye for the playoffs. After today, this gang needs a break - they gave it their all today.

Friday, October 12, 2007


The Elegance Socks from Anni Design:

One sock done - it is very hard to get the detail on this sock - here's a close-up:

Aren't the color gradations just lovely? I don't usually make my socks this tall on top, but this pattern and yarn combination are rather addictive. If you need to know again, the yarn is Spritely Goods' Fey and her Superwash Merino Wool Yarns is where I find my favorite colorways.

I've cast on the second Elegance sock just last night. But then this morning, I'm browsing my Bloglines, and this popped up and sent me scurrying to my stash to see what might work. Really - how cute is this sweater? The Beryl Sweater from Chic Knits. (sigh) Why do I do this to myself?

BIG sports weekend here for Puck. Football and hockey - and I have to post my Coffee Swap questionnaire this morning too. Enjoy the crisp midwest air this weekend - I plan on it!

Lalalala - a little work on updating the sidebar. I am currently participating in Coffeeswap 3 and Pay it Forward. Hopefully converting that PIF button to jpg will let me put it up in the sidebar!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

One Done!

Yarntini Mint Mojito in the Feather Pluckin' Pattern by Erin Vaughan:

I think I have to go back and look at my old snakey socks - these are definitely looking reptilian. The pattern is very easy and I love the round toe. I am casting sock #2 on later today, but mostly I am going to work on this sock:
This is my Elegance Sock from Anni Design at Sockamania. I am really liking the Spritely Goods Fey yarn. This color is just so lovely. I am just starting the heel flap on this sock.

I cast this on this morning. The yarn is the Queensland Collection Kathmandu DK. It is a Merino/Silk/Cashmere blend (this was some of my haul from the sidewalk sale over at Coldwater earlier in August) and I think it will be a very comfy sweater for this upcoming chilly winter. I have a window cracked open in my office for the fresh air and it smells like SNOW people!

I would be remiss if I didn't mention the package I received from The Loopy Ewe yesterday. This was from the sneak up a week and a half ago. The green is Dream in Color Smooshy, which I have been aching to try since I started watching Wendy in her sock frenzy this summer. The bottom is Spiced Chai from Crystal Palace. The Teenager declared the Spiced Chai to be as smooshy as the Smooshy. (I also should mention there was a Sneak Up yesterday as well, la dee dah, tum te tumm....hmmm nothing going on over here.....um, she has tons of that Crystal Palace in stock - she's not gonna ship for a week or so between the 13th and the 20th because of their move to the new digs - so get in there while you can.)

There, enabling, pron etc. done for the day. Now I must knit to keep my head above fiber.

I have to make the most of my knitting time today because we have music and football practice tonight, more football practice tomorrow night, open ice practice for hockey scrimmage tryouts on Friday and Sunday AND the last regular season football game on Saturday morning, after that it's playoffs! Puck's team is (Edited to correct) 5 wins and 1 loss for the season, they are psyched for this last game!

Monday, October 08, 2007

Now! With More Knitting Content!

Berroco Ultra Alpaca in Pumpkin. 6 1/4 skeins. This took about three weeks. There were a couple days were I tinked as much as I knit, but I really love this sweater. OMG. I just hope we have some chilly weather this year so I can actually WEAR it! This is the Sweater for Arwen pattern from IK.

Anni's Elegance Socks from Sockamania

All right, I am totally going to order more of this Fey yarn from Spritely Goods. This is the third pair of socks I've knit with her yarn, and this is my favorite base. This colorway is Sherwood (I stole it out from under Violet last Spring when she was raving about it on the Board over at L&V.) This pattern is a really easy repeat and the yarn works perfectly with the cables - though it's pretty hard to tell in this photo.

Feather Pluckin'

So, I just do NOT want to knit toe up socks. I cast on my Yarntini Mint Mojito (Not for the Cricosaurus pattern), but for the Feather Pluckin' pattern by Erin Vaughan. Another really easy two row repeat. This yarn is not nearly as neon as it looks here, someday when we have sunshine again, I'll try to get a better photo.

The weekend was fun, but the humidity is beyond tolerance for me. The Cranberry Festival was very, very muddy. The Kettle Korn was delicious, and I found a couple of lovely hand-turned wooden burl bowls. Hopefully I can get some lovely pictures for you later today.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Why did I want kids?

Didja ever KNOW you were gonna have one of those days and want to climb back into bed in self-defense? Well, at least the sun is shining.

In the meantime I have to go to Costco today (ugh) or there will be no dinner or breakfast in this house for the rest of the week. Then, I am looking at an afternoon like this:

3:00 load tuba into (new! yay!) car
3:15 pick up Teen at the High School - lug him to music lessons
3:30 drop teen off at music lesson -rush home to make sure Puck is doing homework, getting ready to put Football gear on.
4:00 Back to pick up Teen and then drop him off at Music Focus Group appointment at other end of town.
4:30 rush home to feed Puck dinner, get him ready for football - get tuba OUT of (new!yay!) car.
4:45 car pool Puck and two neighbor boys to football practice.
5:15 head back to other end of town to pick up Teen from Music Focus Group - bring him home make sure he has food and is stationed in the office doing homework.
6:00 debate about whether or not I should go WATCH football practice.
6:15 leave to go watch the end of football practice.
7:00 drop off neighbor kids that need rides - feed Puck again as he will be ravenous.
7:30 Teen will be hungry again and there will nothing in the house he wants to eat.
7:40 curl up in fetal position.

On the plus side - I have 1.5 oz of yarn left to finish up my Arwen; that's about 7 1/2 inches of hood remaining.
I've also had this fun little cable needle to use for this project. I ordered a set of three when I got my options Harmony tips. Sorry - not the best photo - I was trying to get it before the battery fizzed out.

Also - if you collect sock patterns - free or otherwise The Daily Chum had one listed today, and it's a free download - very cute! The Bracket Fungus Socks - great name!

ETA: Ms. Nuttnbunny drew my name in her Pay it Forward contest! That means I have the rest of the month to collect names to pay it forward. I think I'll draw three names on 10/27 (that's our 17th anniversary!) and in the meantime, I will choose some lovely items from my stash to pass on! You just need to promise to do the same!

Tomorrow: sock yarn!

Tuesday, October 02, 2007


So, Somebody stole my Pumpkin Spice from right out of my shopping cart!

However, what do you think of Fido? Kona thinks its better than the Walnut I showed you yesterday.

I just thought of the Coffeeswap 3 coming up - I thought this would be a pretty nice coffee-themed yarn. She still has two in stock (Heh - I bought mine this morning BEFORE I posted. Can't say I don't learn from my mistakes.)

All right, so 'fess up. Who stole my Pumpkin Spice? (She only listed two skeins - darnitall.)

Also? Reading Crazy Aunt Purl's book right now. She coming to the MOA to do a signing, do you think she would be put off if I just hugged her? I'm not much for reviews - but if you like her blog - you'll love her book.


So my kids already have days off from school this Thursday and Friday. Conferences on Thursday for the High School. We are packing up the big car and heading out to the cabin for one final (chilly and leafy) hurrah. Our little town of Stone Lake has their Cranberry Festival (our neck of Wisconsin is riddled with Cranberry bogs). You can buy fresh cranberries or dried craisins (ANY flavored, but I like 'em plain). Hot Cinnamon Almonds (in the cone - yum), Spicy Bloody Mary's (before noon - yum), crafty art or woodsy art, candles and potpourri and lots of handcrafted jewelry (You can see last year's purchase here and here.) They have box car races and a parade where the Shriners ride their mini-motorcycles, and lots and lots of food. The kids are signed up for a Paintball Tournament. I'm bringing my knitting but I am not hopeful that I will get too much accomplished.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Slight of Hand

See how I distract you with puppy pictures to draw attention away from the fact that I have very little knitting to show you today. Lots of knitting took place this weekend, but Arwen has become one of those projects where you knit and knit, and it feels like you are standing in place. I may have to work on a sock for a while today just to feel a sense of accomplishment. Don't get me wrong - the knitting on Arwen is about 80% complete - I just keep messing up the cables and having to tink back to fix them. grr.

Also? I feel like I have moved to Seattle what with all the rain and the cool humidity and NO SUN!

"Hey Lady, it's late and that flash is just rude!"

"The Vet said the scar made me sneer like Elvis! Please don't wake me up for this nonsense."
(The scar is under his nostril)

"Aaaand the stretch before I launch myself after those pesky squirrels! (See where they shaved my leg to stick me with needles?)"

The Cricosaurus' have become the Feather Pluckin' socks, from over at the Piddloop website. Also - gorgeous bags! I bought this pattern to distract myself from her very cute project bags.

I also signed up for the Knitters' Coffeeswap 3 I was quite confused yesterday, so I tried to sign up early, and I sent another email this morning - so I hope I get in! I'm thinkin' one of those Piddloop dpn wallets would be an excellent goodie!

Also - Sophie's Toes is updating her sock yarn on Etsy today at 1:00. Seriously, she has a great base yarn and her colorways are scrumptious!!! This Pumpkin Spice? I totally want some of this! Kona thinks this Walnut colorway would match his coat just perfectly. I have some of her Handsome Park Ranger and you will be seeing it on my needles soon!

Let's see:

Gratuitious pet photos? Check.
Derisive comments about my knitting progress? Check.
Pimping my newest favorite swap? Check
Enabling the Etsy shopping? Check.

Well, looks like my job here is done for the day.

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