Monday, December 10, 2007

It's Kind Of an FO!

It really looks much prettier at night.

But, it's up. Phew. Now I have to wrap all those presents. (hah)

I'll have more sock pictures to show you tomorrow - but the yarn from yesterday's Ripples sock is Brooklyn Handspun Softspun in the Wading colorway - I tried to send you guys over there yesterday! She still has some great colorways left! The Ripples pattern is available here. Annie sends patterns out once a month to members of her website Sockamania - I think she accepts new members monthly. I am now going to put down the needles and pick up a book, maybe enjoy my Christmas tree for a bit.

ETA: See? Doesn't it look better at night? (Humor me, please.)

It's a beautiful tree in the daytime, it's stunning at night!
It looks beautiful at night. I wish the trees put out enough light to knit by.
It is exceptional at night!
It does look lovely at night! I've often thought it would be nice to have some sort of tree with lights on year 'round. Just because.
Very pretty! Cute ornaments too. : )
I think it's beautiful day or night.
OOoooooooh! It's beautiful! And YES, that certainly counts for an FO!! We just picked up the tree yesterday and have yet to put a single light or ornament on it. Dang. I love the white lights!
Much better at night! I've learned to not follow the links that you provide.
The tree looks better at night when the windows reflect the light back. And wrapping? What wrapping? That is why gift bags were invented. Shove the stuff in and cover with a bit of tissue paper.
Gorgeous tree!
It looks beautiful both ways! It's a perfect FO, I'd say.
Very pretty! Love the night look but day is pretty, too!
It looks great!
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