Saturday, December 08, 2007

My So Called Weekend

Well, my weekend started with a hockey game and a noisy 6th grade sleepover. How about yours? I started My So-Called Scarf this week. Here's my progress report.

This yarn is really nice, I would consider using it again for a bigger project. I am 18 inches into this scarf and I still have 3/4 of the skein. I am thinking that this would look absolutely lovely in one of Lisa's more solid colorways. (Also? It would be a lot faster to knit than Abotonacity in it's lovely fingering weight glory.) Of course, I could always crack into the Wool of the Andes I have in the stash.

Puck had a hockey game out in Chaska last night. At the end of the third period we were leading 3-1, our defense took a break and they scored three goals in 24 seconds. Seriously. Crazy. End score was 4-4. Sheesh. I also got to meet Lorraine of Faith & Fiber very briefly. I was so in to this crazy hockey game, that when she came up looking for me I stared at her like I was bereft of brains. Whenever someone comes looking for me in the stands at a hockey game, I think Puck has been hurt! Once I realized she was wearing a gorgeous purple and gold striped hand-knit scarf, it dawned on me who I was speaking with!

I woke up this morning with eyes puffed up like they were two soaking prunes. I am allergic to SOMETHING, I have no idea what. Every once in a while, my eyes will start itching like there are one million mosquitos in them, that happened last night, and when I woke up, voila! I looked like Droopy Dawg. Benadryl and cold compresses help, but they are still very puffy. At least the itchy is gone. I suppose the logical think to do would be to see an Allergist, but those darn doctors, they just give you medicine and tell you to stay away from something. Grump.

ETA: Brooklyn Handspun updated her shop this morning, in case anyone is interested in some of her YUMMY yarn!

That scarf is gorgeous! Looks like blue skies...
I love the that the same stitch that Brenda Dayne posted about on Fling?
sorry about the allergy - I hope it's not a yarn allergy! ;-)

How funny to meet up with Lori! Tee hee!

The scarf is beautiful!

Leo made it from 11:30 pm to 6:30 am with no accidents! WHOO HOOOO
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