Thursday, December 13, 2007

Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Sometime in the last month, somebody asked me how many pairs of socks I have knitted.

Well, I gathered all the socks in my drawer and laid them out in a pretty, pretty, rainbow-like arrangement:
And I counted 32 pairs. But then I remembered this pair that my mom has. Seriously - I invited her to a hockey game and she walks outta my house with my newest pair of socks! Hmph! Oh, and my Apres Swap pair that I am mailing out in January.
Then there was a pair I knit for my husband, way back when - I can't even find that post - so that makes 35 pairs - oh and the pair I finished last night! 36!

Pattern: Ripples Socks by Annie Design for Sockamania Yarn: Brooklyn Handspun Signature Superwash in Wading Needles: Knitpicks Options US size 2 dpn's. Started: December 8, 2007 Completed: December 12, 2007.

I did not change a thing on these socks. I followed the pattern to the letter. Love it! Very easy. Also? The yarn is very squooshy. Makes me so glad that I ordered some more on Sunday.....

Loved seeing all your beautiful socks!
OK, those are the coolest pictures yet! SOOOO COOOL! I can't believe all those socks! So you have a pair to wear for more than a month! I actually only have four pairs and I only knit one of them! I AM INSPIRED !
Wowza! Loved the warm color section!

Sock bug laid hers out like this in a circle and took a pic-- this way she could get them all in. An idea, as your sock pairs are bound to grow and grow. :)
I think you need to knit your mother more socks. She deserves them. And maybe another pair for your DH. I need to get cracking on knitting more socks for me. I only have a measly 8 pairs that are all mine. I have to stop giving them away.
So pretty! OK, you deserve to buy lots of sock yarn. :-)
What gorgeous pictures! Hmm, if mine are ever all clean at the same time, I'll have to try getting some shots...
I think your mom has great taste. I really liked those socks when I saw them earlier. I only have like eight pairs and two of them have holes. Hopefully one pair is fixable. I really think that the tiger piggy bank is a great idea.
You got me beat. Even if I include the 12 pair of woodman socks I've made for Dad over the years I can only come up with 11 other pair. Of course, if we start counting the yarn waiting to be socks.... :-)
I love your rainbow collection. It's beautiful. I made about 16 grown up socks. Hey, more than I thought. yvonnep
Oooh, I love your sock rainbow!
That's a great looking pile of socks!
Wonderful pictures! Loved the green section. : )
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