Wednesday, December 12, 2007

One Ripples Sock:

I downloaded a copy of my camera manual last week and I've finally rediscovered some of the settings on my very serviceable little Sony Cyber-shot. I have been having camera envy for the last couple of months, but this little guy really does OK for me. I'm just past the heel on the second Ripple sock, and I've also gotten just past the heel on another sock that I started on Sunday night.

This is the Chevron & Feather Anklet Socks from For The Love of Yarn. (A nice little resource for patterns!)

I'm knitting these from Cider Moon's Glacier in the Sea Grass colorway. The cuff took about an hour and a half. I'm doing a heel flap instead of the called-for short row heel. I'm lookin' at two pairs of socks by the end of the weekend!

We've had the Winter 6th grade band concert last night. Puck was rockin' the trombone. The rest of the week is for cookies and stocking stuffer shopping. Oh, and wrapping.

On Sunday night we get to empty the tiger piggy bank, cash it in (mom and dad match whatever the kids have put in 2-1) and go out for our Toys for Tots shopping trip. The boys tear through those Target toy aisles like they own the place! The Teen likes to man the calculator, but Puck's favorite part is having apple cider with the Marines at the drop off tent at Kare 11.

I love the colors on that Sea Grass sock - the colorway could be Northern Minnesota Lake, too!

Sounds like a busy week awaits!
I have the same camera. You mean it's got more settings than "on" and "off"?

I do a big shopping trip for Toys for Tots every year. Fun! It's the only way I get to cruise the toy aisles.
What a great holiday tradition with your kids! I bet they'll continue even after they leave your home someday.

Sea Grass is a lovely colorway. You're quite a speedy sock knitter.
You have to just love the generosity of kids!
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