Thursday, December 06, 2007

What would I do without the Etsy?

Remember back here when I mentioned that Ruby Sapphire was offering 40% off their yarn? Well, I loved these so much, that I had to stop in and scoop up these two:

This is Tyrod in their Panda Sock Yarn - 60% Merino/30% Bamboo/10% nylon. So shiny!

And this one is Rahim, also in the Panda Sock. The Holidays have really emptied out a lot of my favorite Etsy stores. RubySapphire only has four skeins left in-stock. LuLu has some Panda that are in some very different colorways, but she does an excellent job.

You've all seen the new Knitty, yes? Love all the sock patterns - I shall print them off this morning for my sock notebook. The project I really want to start on is Abotanicity (what is it with Knitty and the hard-t0-spell pattern names?). It's knit with sock yarn! Eek! She used the Zitron Trekking XXL - any ideas or should I stick with what she used?


I saw that pattern on Knitty. Sure like it in the Trekking yarn, but it would be nice in other yarns as well. (I almost spelled yarns "yearns." Talk about Fruedian slips.)
I saw that knitty pattern, noted the 52 sts to 4 inches gauge, and moved on. I can't wait to see yours, however.
Yea - what jeanne said!!!
Trekking XXL is one of the thinner sockyarns. I knitted my monkeys with it. I like it. Nice colours, though not always spectacular. Ysolda is trying to find your message in the Ravelry mess... she had too much mail, there...:-) If she cannot find it, she will send you a mail, I send her the url of your blog.
It's a great sweater-- but certainly would be a dedicated knit! I think a number of sock yarns would be absolutely lovely to use, not just Trekking xxl :)
Now that's a sweater it'll be more fun to watch someone knit than to actually knit!! :)
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