Thursday, December 27, 2007

We have just been soooo lazy!

Kona has been very happy with the snow and his Kong frisbee (best frisbee ever made for a chewing dog - he can't tear it to shreds - at least not quickly):

We are off to pick up his partner in crime tomorrow morning.

A sock was finished. Sock #2 is about half done. I really like these sock yarns with tencel or bamboo in them. This is Yarn Pirate in Dogwood - I will give you more info when I have the pair finished.
Warning Guest Etiquette Rant: Christmas was lovely, with the exception surrounding a relative who called to know if they could bring their THREE (VERY NOISY) Yorkshire Terriers to my gathering of 18+ people and two (hunting sized) dogs. There were some factors to be considered:

So, considering all those factors, I said no to the Yorkies. The people could come and stay, but they needed to make arrangements for the dogs that did not involve our gathering or my house. The passive-aggressive drama would have boggled your mind. I knew it was happening, and I STILL felt guilty. They came. Left the dogs in their car and then left in a huff because the dogs were cold (we had offered the heated back room of our garage [the back room has carpet, and an overstuffed double sized chair!], but it was refused by a very martyred relative). Cripes! All right, rant over.

I received many fun gifts, and the Teen gave me a Loopy Ewe GC so I was able to order in some stash before my Stash Management Plan goes into effect. (It's not here yet, be patient.) The boys got Rock Band for the PS3 and they have been rockin' away for the last 48 hours or so.

Very nice sock! Sorry that your relatives were like that but sounds like you handled it perfectly!
Those socks look just like coconut candy--you know, the pink/brown/white stuff. Yummy!

Sounds like your Christmas went pretty well, considering the last-minute stress!
Yes! You handled it perfectly and very, very, tolerant. Sock is lovely and yes, I like the bamboo/tencel thing too.
Ugh re: your relatives. I recommend listening to the song Pachelbel's Tantrum by the Therapy Sisters, which is perfect for most family holiday gatherings. That was a lovely gift from the Teen! How's your ankle doing?
You're kindding me - 3 dogs????? Um - no? Good for you for standing (on one good foot) your ground!
You certainly made the right choice. Two people were a bit upset-- but they didn't disturb (destroy) the holiday for everyone else.
Puppy! Relatives are such a pain. I'm glad you stood up to them. I know that is terribly hard at times.
Good for you for saying no. I always have a hard time holding my ground in those situations. Three yorkies are definitely too much.
The only way to curb passive-aggressive drama is to do exactly what you did: politely stand up to them. It's really hard, but once they see you mean business, it'll be easier next time. And, unfortunately, there will be a next time.
Can't wait to see the puppy!!!
Is your relative named Cousin Eddie?

I can't believe they would do that! I'm a total dog person, but smart enough to know that not everyone else is and it's SO strange to bring your dogs to a big gathering like that.

You handled it well and they're the only ones who had to leave early, right?

Great sock. Can't wait to see pics of the SECOND-CUTEST-PUPPY-IN-THE-WORLD! ;-)
Gee, do they think they are special? I read an advise column about this very issue recently. I just can't remember if it was Ask Amy, Dear Abby, or some other one. And you handled it perfectly. I wonder what they would have to say if you wanted to bring your two big hunting size dogs to their house anytime there is a family event there?

I hope your ankle gets better soon. But at you have the perfect excuse to sit down and knit now.
Ignore the relatives (they're gone!) - go hug the new puppy and get the camera out so we can have some cute pics to AH and OOH over!
Kudos to you, you did the right thing. Now enjoy the rest of the holidays.
Some relatives are wayyyyy too much trouble! Good for you for saying no.
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