Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Football WIP's:

Well, That Vikings game certainly exhausted me!

I had to keep walking away to another room, I couldn't watch that mess that was the first half! So I had different projects in front of the different TV's.

Basement TV - the Hourglass Sweater:

In my Studio: The Twin Rib Socks in some Yarn Pirate Merino Tencel (shiny...).

My Brooklyn Handspun came yesterday - it's girly time!

Splash of Pink and Warm Night - I think Yarn Fast 2008 is gearing up - I think I will add stash usage goals to the the diet this year.

And - I am determined to get these Needle Hugger stitch markers in every size - I love that they just don't get in the way.

My heart is filled with lust over those handpsun colors!
I'm detecting a pink'n'brown/tan theme there!

I LOVE Hide'n'Sheep stitch markers!
Oh I like those stitch markers! I might have to get a few with my birthday money:) Haha, I feel like a kid when I say birthday money.

Go Vikings!
Love girly time! And the shining. Yes. and the stitch markers. I have them too... :-))))yvonnep
OK, I've managed to avoid being tempted by any of your links in the past, but I may have to get myself some of those stitch markers!
I love that basket you have, very cool!

Have you seen the Stash Knit Down 2008 group on Ravelry? You might want to check it out. There's also a SSEC (Sock Stash Elimination Campaign) group. : )
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