Friday, December 07, 2007

Searching for Betsy & Tacy
(by Maud Hart Lovelace)

My 10-year-old niece would like to finish reading the Betsy & Tacy series of books. She has asked for them for Christmas. (Specifically: Betsy and Joe, Betsy and the Great World and Betsy's Wedding.) Now, I read these in the late 60's. My school library had the complete set, and actually they were probably dated back then. But I loved them, along with millions of other little girls. The last printing of these three books was back around the year 2000. The libraries don't have them and the book stores don't have them. eBay has a first edition of Betsy and Joe selling for around $125.00. Used copies are going for anywhere from $30 to $50. A silly price to pay unless you are a serious book collector. I'll get her a Barnes & Noble gift card instead, but, I'm sad I can't share the gift of these books with her.

ETA: Found! Two of the three were found at the Book Nook! Thank you so much Yarn Miracle! I will be the Cool Aunt on Christmas day!!!!!!

I loved Betsy & Tacy too. They were the first books with chapters that I read for myself. I'm pretty sure I didn't realize the last three existed though.
I know those books! But I think I've only read the first few (they were new, too - must have been a reprinting in the 80s). Maybe you'd have a better luck looking for later editions at a used book shop (like the Book Nook)? Oh my gosh here you go:
Betsy and Joe is $9.95 (scroll a bit)
Wow, talk about the power of the internet. Yay!
Glad you were able to find 2 of the books. Hopefully now someone will know where you can find the third.

Sounds like a few of you had a great Friday knit night.
YEAH Internet! It's so cool when the worldwide friends can help someone find what they need.
Glad you found the books! I loved this series too. I bought the whole set when I saw it at B&N one time about 5 years ago, because the copies I'd read when I was a kid belonged to my Aunt. Go Aunts! : )
Wow, I had no idea those were so hard to find. I used to love them!
I never saw those books. I remember reading the Bobbsey Twins and the Cherry Ames books though. I want to get the Cherry Ames books but the prices for them are ridiculous. And it is nice that you found two of the books she wants. You will be her favorite aunt!!!!
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