Sunday, December 09, 2007


My socks now have them:

Easiest pattern ever. I already started the second sock.


Also? Oh, holy cow! I give up, NOW I have seen everything - Planet Unicorn, Hey!

Very nice color. You are a fast knitter!
Wow, you ARE really speedy!
Great - now I'm hungry for chips!
And the yarn? What is the yarn?
Where can we find that easiest pattern ever? And did you receive by the way a Dutch box? yvonnep
Yes, how can we find the easiest pattern ever? Beautiful yarn and colors.

A 6th grader sleepover? You are very brave. :)
As opposed to "brrrripples," as Sheepish Annie called her socks?

Such a lovely yarn - but then again, your taste in yarn is always stunning.
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