Sunday, December 02, 2007

How to make a Felted Beanie:

Step 1. Make a lovely hat like this out of some softy, soft-s0ft Malabrigo.

Any color will do.

2. Give it to a Teenager.

3. Teenager will eventually ball it up in a pocket and throw it in the laundry, where it will be washed with other things like jeans and jackets.

4. Out of the dryer will come this:

Voila! A felted beanie.

A couple people wanted to see the beanie, so I had to go hunt it up.

Puck's team was not victorious on Friday, but they were amazing this afternoon! Mtka Black beat them 4-1 on Friday. Today they played Waconia and won 3-1. Puck got a goal and he's one of the team's better two-way players (at least today he was - heh).

Kona Update: Well, Kona has not eaten anything untoward in three whole days. Nor has he torn parts of his body from their designated place, even while hunting. As a matter of fact, in a hunting party of five, he was NOT the one that fell waist deep into icy water on Saturday. Yay Kona!

So, you had a quite uneventful weekend... :-)
Yay, Kona! :)
Turn that hat over, and you have a felted bowl to keep your keys in.
Yay Kona!!!! That isn't the hat you just knit last week is it????
Did you see the woman with the puking toy poodle at the vet? She remembers you & Kona. That was my neighbor Julie and her boy Cooper (seen on my blog a few months back!!) Small world eh? Yea Kona and Puck and great job on the felted hat, bowl!
picture me with bags under my eyes. Leo is eating EVERYTHING - (owl pellets, sticks, rocks, leaves, shoes) - has terrible poos everywhere including his kennel ALL NIGHT LONG and the vet told me that this was still considered NORMAL! So I am VERY proud of Kona. VERY VERY proud of Kona! Keep up the good work, doggy!
WTG, Puck! It is not easy to play two-ways so kudos to a versatile player.

Know any deserving newborns in need of a warm winter hat? LOL! I haven't even seen Hockeyman's new balaclava recently. Perhaps I should check his pockets.
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