Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Wednesday, already?

Knitting Progress:

Well, I started out the month of November just going great guns. I was blogging all the time, I was throwing those FO's and WIP updates up like crazy. Then I woke up on Monday and I was tired. Snow White is still in a time out. I am going to try to email the pattern writer directly - I didn't hear back on Ravelry. In the meantime, I've been knitting away on socks and hats. DH has now requested a black and red malabrigo hat (he tried on the Teen's). I cast on a pair of socks for my Apres Sock Pal (we are swapping knit socks after Christmas), so I can't show you or tell you - it's a secret! Then the Hourglass Sweater by Joelle Hoverson has inched it's way to the front of the queue since I can make that with some malabrigo from the stash.

These are finished! Pattern: Gentleman Socks designed by Kristi Schueler (it is rumored she is going to be in our neck of the woods this weekend) Yarn: tvyarn by white oak studio, ETA: This is the Frasier colorway! (and she still has that Buffy colorway, which I covet). Needles: Knitpick's US 2.5mm (pattern called for circs, not me, I like the porcupine). Started: November sometime, 2007 Completed: November 2, 2007.

Note: Easy peasy pattern and I love how it handled this variegated yarn. I went back and purchased two of her other patterns because this one fit my style quite nicely.

Well, Puck's team put up a valiant effort on Sunday. They tied up the game right until the end, 2-2 (with an assist on the second goal from our Puck - he likes to park in front of the net). Our goalie stopped 33 shots during the main part of the game. We went 4 on 4 in overtime - no goal, then we went 3 on 3 in double overtime. Our goalie stopped 7 more shots. Edina scored three minutes into the double overtime. So our boys took 4th in the tournament. Another day would have brought a different outcome, we are convinced! Also? Yay goalie! I'd say letting in 3 shots and stopping 40 makes him our hero (The Goalie's mom? She punched me in the arm every time he stopped a goal - she almost took out my knitting arm!)

Why I am Tired (besides hockey)
Christmas gifts have been purchased (one in particular that required hunting high, and low), the Teen has had his first heart break, the village has been raised, and outdoor decor has been installed, Lacrosse Board meetings and scheduling school conferences. Also? Orthodontists, music lessons (x2) and haircuts. That is in one week.

That sucks having your heart broke. Poor guy. Which TV yarn is that it is gorgeous? I have some of her JAG colorway but have not knit it yet.
Didn't you get my e-mail about Ysolda? Send me your question and I will try to reach her!
Very nice looking socks! Pamper yourself a bit now before all the Holiday preps get really frantic!
The sock is pretty. And I would second emailing Ysolda directly about the problems with the pattern. That pattern is on my to-do list once I find the yarn for it.

And you will be a hat knitting crazy knitter soon.

And it sounds like Puck's team put up a great fight. And Teen will slowly get over his broken heart. I am sure that he will have a new gf soon.
There are days that I'm so unpolite... sorry, I love your sock. Puck has played a great game and, gee, I'm so impressed by your village.
I feel tired hearing about everything you've been doing, so I can only imagine how tired you are actually doing it!

I love that sock pattern. They turned out great!
I think that you should ask goalie mom to start punching you when he lets one through. You'll end up less bruised.
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