Sunday, December 30, 2007

The End of Break Migraine:

There will be no champagne for me tomorrow night - I'll be lucky to make it through the day tomorrow without flashes of blinding pain. However, DH is making smoked ribs for dinner - mmmm.

The new puppy is home and demanding a lot of my time in the main area of the house - posting is going to be spotty. He's so dark, he's difficult to photograph, as soon as I get lucky with the camera you'll get a photo of all his glory.

In the meantime, sitting with puppy gives me a lot of time to knit - look! FO!

Pattern: Twin Rib Socks by Danni Conway. Yarn: Yarn Pirate Merino/Tencel in the Dogwood colorway. Needles: Lantern Moon Sox Stix in US size 1 dpn's. Started: December 18, 2007 Completed: December 31, 2007. Really easy pattern, and I love this yarn with the Tencel in it!

I can hardly believe I'm going to say this, but the WEBS sale started last week and I did NOT place an order, yet. There has been a little bit of last minute scurrying to order, but I didn't join any new sock clubs, so look for reintroductions to my stash over the next three months. Tomorrow is my last legal day, I still have to come up with an inspired way to get that stash used up faster than I am filling it.

Those are gorgeous socks! Hee hee - yeah, photographing black animals is challenging...

I am SO sorry to hear about the migraine. You have my utmost sympathy!!!
I have had to stop listening to the WEBS podcast because I bought too much sale yarn. I just deleted that notice ASAP this time. But, I might just take a peek . . .

Hope there's something you can do for the migrane - even regular ones ruin a day. Happy New Year!
Nice socks. I can't believe you resisted Webs. I hope your migraine goes away quickly.
Ugh...migraine...hope it disappears fastly. Very nice sock!
Heh, nothing in the WEBS sale inspired me this time around. (*whew*)

Feel better soon, and Happy New Year!
Lovely socks - do you want to come migraine with me??
LOVE those socks - pink and brown is one of my favorite combos.

Good luck with migraine - I hope it passes quickly.
I hope that your migraine goes away. They are never fun.

And maybe the new baby will be easier to photograph against the snow.
I've been cruising WEBS but haven't put in an order yet. Half of me hopes the yarn sells out before I buy andhalf of me is worried the yarn sells out before I buy! I think I better make a decision quick!

Enjoy knitting with the puppy. He'll help you use up the current stash!
As you know, I sympathize with you and your migraines. Maybe we should start a blog to discuss how we all cope with them. I know I could use advice sometimes.

Beautiful socks, and before my yarn diet starts I have to place an order...enjoy the ribs.
Congratulations on your new puppy! Can't wait to see pictures. Have you picked out a name yet?

Hope you are feeling better.
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