Monday, December 24, 2007

What Could Keep Me From the Blog for Four Days?

Hmm, let's see.... First there was the last minute present shopping. Sorry Gracie, there will be no Betsy Tacy books under the tree for you, the shop I ordered them from did not see fit to tell me they could not get them until, um, let's see, yea, that would be December 22 (and then, I had to call THEM!)

Oh, then there was frantic knitting:

Hourglass Sweater and one Twin Rib Sock in Yarn Pirate's Dogwood

Also, planning for the next pair of socks:

Lisa Souza Tiny Twist

Also, the next sweater:

Berocco Peruvia

Some "Last Hurrah!" yarn ordering took place, but then, you knew it would, didn't you?

Zen Yarn Garden and tvyarn from white oak studio (all from Woolgirl!)

Then of course, there was the sprained ankle courtesy of the random Drunkard at the Christmas party I attended on Saturday night. Urgent Care the Sunday before Christmas Eve is a treat for EVERYBODY! So, let's see, three hours in the doctor's office, and then back and forth in a snow storm. Sheesh.

Can't forget the hockey game on December 23...(though I think we all would like to, the other team had 32 shots on goal, our team had 1...on the bright side, Puck made the only shot on goal).

Sorry for the lack of linkiness - I'm trying to get this up in a hurry as Santa is coming and I must be in bed when he gets here or there will be no presents for me!


Yikes!! Hopefully your ankle heals quickly. Happy holidays!!
I hope your ankle feels better soon! Happy holidays (and love the yarn!)
Really like the Lisa Souza yarn.

Hope you heal fast (but in the meantime, you can still knit).
Oh! Sending quick-healing vibes your way. What a way to spend the holidays. :(
My, my, my girlfriend! When it snows, it pours. Hope you're on the mend. Merry Christmas to all of you!
Hope your ankle will soon be better and that you had a wonderful christmas.
Phew! I am just tired reading that! (Yeah PUCK!)

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and yours, my dear!!
Get better soon. Hopefully your socks still fit! And hopefully you can parlay the pain into some quality knitting time in the recliner, with willing (?) helpers to replenish food and beverages!

Those crazy, imbalanced games are HARD to watch, whichever side you're on. Do you have hockey this week at all? We're in Edina for a tourney starting tomorrow.
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