Wednesday, December 05, 2007


That is how cold it is outside right now. That single negative number is an argument for knitting.

I finished a pair of socks that are destined to be a gift in a small, apres-Xmas, sock swap that I am participating in. I picked a new-to-me sock yarn and a lacier pattern than I am used to. I am showing you these photos in black and white so something will be a surprise should my swap pal stumble across this. (Easy to stumble with a small group.)

I will give the deets and a color picture after the Holidays when I can get away with it cleanly.

As you may have figured out I had a lovely knitting excursion on Friday night over at Mayhem and Chaos' house. They let Chris live there too, though I don't know why, she's so noisy the neighbors complain all the time. I was working on the Apres sock project (see above). Chris was finishing up some lovely Vikings-themed socks. I got to meet Jess, who was working on a lovely granny apple green sweater. I also got to meet the Fiber Fool (a sock designing genius!) If you click - check out her sock patterns! I got to meet Jeanne who was knitting away at bibs and sadly needs some knit-inspiration, mostly I think she was the Chief Mayhem Herder who made sure that May did not shred any stray yarn she came across. Lastly, I met a lovely, sweater clad, Procrastinatrix. I had to go right out and buy a quart of olives stuffed with sun-dried tomatoes the next day because the ones that Chris served us were so delicious I had to share them with my DH!

I picked up some straight needles tonight and cast on a "So Called Scarf". I've got about six inches done - I wish now I'd made it a little wider, but not so much I'd frog it back! I'm using some Lisa Souza (Da bluez0, it may be a Christmas gift, or it may not.

TLE did some updating this week, and I totally missed it, however, I fully intend to head over there tonight to buy some Bellamoden Lolita - she is fantastic with the colors. I have been debating which color I wanted all week long, but today I ran out of SOAK - so it's time for an order!

I'll have some pretty yarn pr0n for you tomorrow!

Actually, I liked the black and white. My DH would love it in those colors!
I love the black and white sock...
Hmm, are these Kristi's Siren Socks? Look forward to the reveal. : )
I'm glad you could make it!! Thank you again for the lovely yarn and for that amazing cat toy/scratcher - the cats adore it.
You were in good company!
Were you not just casting those on on the night we met? How do you knit so fast? Wow.

It was very nice to meet you!
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