Sunday, December 16, 2007

Stress-Free Weekends

Really. Most of the shopping is done, I wrapped most of the presents today, we had only fun hockey this weekend (one family had a pond hockey party for the kids and a bonfire for the grown-ups).

I got a package on Thursday, my Woolgirl Sock Club package, which I actually had forgotten about! The stitch marker is a beautiful glass bead from Mama Llama.

The little pine tree? It's a tape measure! CUTE!
The yarn is The Unique Sheep in a great green-blue color. The pattern is called Spruce Sprigs designed by Alina Egerman. Yummy! One of these days, I'm really going to have to get to a Sock Club pattern.

Also, after December 31, the sock club registrations for 2008 are going to open to the general public. It's been a great sock club, but I have to debate the allocation of my yarn budget for next year!

Pattern: Chevron & Feather Anklet Socks by Sarah Hinz on Fall '06 issue. Yarn: Cider Moon Glacier it looks like their sales have been temporarily suspended - yikes! Needles: Takumi Clover US size 3 dpn's. Started: December 9, 2007 Completed: December 16, 2007. Another easy-peasy pattern.

Also, I wandered into Etsy a couple weeks ago wishing for a reasonably priced, cute little tote for my socks in progress. I found these, and they are crazy priced! Look at the cute little knot she ties on the zipper pull!
There was also an infusion of yarn pr0n, which I'll show you guys later this week!

Ya know, I can resist the yarn, because I already have too much. But since I believe one can never have too many bags...
What a fun sock club package! Great socks, too. And I'm ignoring the bag because, unlike Amy, I think I might have hit too many bags...
I can easily resist the bag, however beautiful it is - I have more bags than projects :-) - but that green... that green, green yarn. It's so beautiful! yvonnep
I'm liking that kit very much! I've already decided on my one sock club for next year, but I had a hard time deciding... Woolgirl's was definitely one of the top choices for me. : )

I haven't wrapped any gifts yet, too busy knitting!
Way cute bag!
I fell off the "No new yarn" wagon last week. I discovered that Knit Wits has Dream in Color Smooshy. I walked out with 3 hanks.

Yoikes! Sock yarn is addicting!

2. LOVE THE BAG - I am considering a green one, thanks to you - I'm way over the Christmas budget already - DANG IT!

3. I was also completely taken by surprise by the sock club! I loved it!
I like your new sock kit too. And it is hard to decide where to spend the sock yarn money every year. There are so many wonderful sock yarns out there.
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