Friday, November 23, 2007

Very Mermaid-y

I hope you all are having fun shopping the Black Friday. After cleaning up the turkey remains from yesterday, I finished up these babies.

Pattern: Tessellating Lace Socks (PDF) designed by Kat Haines Yarn: RubySapphire Panda Sock, (which hello! 40% off if you are on their mailing list right now! Also - Yarn4Socks carries their yarn if you can't find a color you like on their Etsy store). Needles: Knitpick's US 2.5mm (pattern called for 2.75mm). Started: November, 2007 Completed: November 22, 2007.

Notes: This pattern was very FAST! I completed 1 1/2 repeats on the upper part of the sock, and by the time I finished the gusset - I only need 1 1/2 repeats to start the toe. Love the frosty shine of this yarn, especially with the color combination.

Well, off to the Orthodontist this morning, paintball and hockey this afternoon, and the EP/Cretin-Derham Hall football game tonight (televised locally - if anyone cares - should be a MONSTER football game.)


Great socks! Enoy your weekend with the hockey boys.
Very pretty!
Those are gorgeous! *heads off to add them to Ravelry queue*
Beautiful socks!!!
Pretty. Yet another pattern to add to the need to knit list. I need to reduce the pile of need to be finished socks first. Enjoy the games this weekend.
Very pretty - great pattern and I love the colorway. Another pattern to add to the queue!
Lovely! How was the game?
Saw the highlights of the game on the news! WOO HOO EP! WOW!

Love the socks and I've promptly downloaded and printed it for my pattern collection. THANKS!
Love the yarn and pattern. And you did a fabulous job, as usual!
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