Tuesday, October 02, 2007


So, Somebody stole my Pumpkin Spice from right out of my shopping cart!

However, what do you think of Fido? Kona thinks its better than the Walnut I showed you yesterday.

I just thought of the Coffeeswap 3 coming up - I thought this would be a pretty nice coffee-themed yarn. She still has two in stock (Heh - I bought mine this morning BEFORE I posted. Can't say I don't learn from my mistakes.)

All right, so 'fess up. Who stole my Pumpkin Spice? (She only listed two skeins - darnitall.)

Also? Reading Crazy Aunt Purl's book right now. She coming to the MOA to do a signing, do you think she would be put off if I just hugged her? I'm not much for reviews - but if you like her blog - you'll love her book.


So my kids already have days off from school this Thursday and Friday. Conferences on Thursday for the High School. We are packing up the big car and heading out to the cabin for one final (chilly and leafy) hurrah. Our little town of Stone Lake has their Cranberry Festival (our neck of Wisconsin is riddled with Cranberry bogs). You can buy fresh cranberries or dried craisins (ANY flavored, but I like 'em plain). Hot Cinnamon Almonds (in the cone - yum), Spicy Bloody Mary's (before noon - yum), crafty art or woodsy art, candles and potpourri and lots of handcrafted jewelry (You can see last year's purchase here and here.) They have box car races and a parade where the Shriners ride their mini-motorcycles, and lots and lots of food. The kids are signed up for a Paintball Tournament. I'm bringing my knitting but I am not hopeful that I will get too much accomplished.

It wasn't me!!! I am trying tob e good and not order yarn until the end of the month. Have fun at the cranberry festival!!!
You gotta love conference this early - let's see "I've known your kid for 4 weeks, but hey, he's really great." I love all the fall festivals this time of year - hope you have a great time.
It wasn't me! Pinky swear!
Oh, *it was* a beautiful colorway! I thought that shopping baskets 'protected' you from such activities! :)
I haven't ordered any yarn recently, so it wasn't me, but that'll learn ya to talk about something before you've bought it! If you figure out who it was, I'll hold them down while you tickle them with fun fur.
People get CRAZY about cooking products when the holidays roll around. Last Christmas I went to buy red food coloring, but they were sold out. So I picked up the 4-pack thinking I would use the other colors eventually. When I got home, I found 1 green, 1 blue and 2 yellows - someone pinched my red! Crazies!
I love Sophie's Toes - but it wasn't me because I have so much of her yarn in the stash that I'm not buying more. I do love the colorway though...
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