Thursday, October 18, 2007

Startled Me Nearly Half to Death!

A bright flash of light - I gasped - look! The Sun! I grabbed my camera - memory card was full - quick change the card......oop. It's gone. This is the resulting photo, isn't it sad? That's where the sun USED to be.

I stood in three inches of mud for two hours this morning watching my rockin' nephew play football. He plays JV over in Maple Grove. I grew up with a sister two years younger than I and a brother nine years younger (and decidedly not an athlete). So tell me, where does little sis get off having a sixteen-year-old son who is six foot four inches and 260 lbs? They won!

Sockamania - done!

Pattern: Elegance Socks by Anni Design for Sockamania. Yarn: Spritely Goods Handdyed Fey Fine Fingering Yarn in the Limited Edition Sherwood color. Needles: 2.75 (US 2) Knitpicks dpns. Started: October 2, 2007 Completed: October 17, 2007.

It's time to pick up the sweater knitting again! (Puck stayed home from hunting so we bought WiiSims and he's been havin' a riot this afternoon.)

We're taking reservations on the ark over here...are you in?
The socks look great!!

Yeah, by the time I got my shoes and jacket on yesterday, ready to go for a walk in the lovely sun, it was too late. Woe.
The Sun?!? You actually saw it! WOW! I remember stories about the sun but then I think I must be remembering life on another planet. You remember the planet? The one where monkeys don't do line dances in commercials for roast beef sandwiches, the planet where we have all the time we want to knit, and the planet where there was this bright yellow thing in the sky that made us warm and made us feel good inside! I miss that planet.
I had to take a closer look at your socks, and they are so handsome! You do good work.

Now, if only you could bring out the sun!
The sun? I must have been in the shower during that part. Darn it.

Love the socks. You whipped them out fast! I hope you're wearing them!

ps. My husband has put me on a yarn diet (gasp)! What am I going to do? He's forcing me to lie, cheat and steal!! And Yarntini is right around the corner. Gulp!
I have been looking at this rain as good practice for living in Seattle. : )

Great job on the Elegance Socks!
No sun in St. Paul! We're still waiting!!! :)
I'm very jealous that you've seen the sun, even if it didn't stay for long. Please join us on Deb's ark. It's going to be a party.
Well, at least you can wear your hand knit socks inside nice rubber boots for standing in the mud. And for some reason, kids just seem to grow taller now.

I can't wait to see what you manage to knit up sweaterwise over the weekend.
nuttnhubby and I ran out to soak in as much Vitamin D as possible in those fleeting sunwarm moments. I heard it may clear this weekend (she types optimistically).
I almost took the same picture today. It hung around here a little later this afternoon thank goodness. The socks look great.
The sun's appearance was ever so brief here but my younger two daugthers turned like sunflowers toward the window, eyes squinting against the glare with mouths hanging open. It was a glorious 2 minutes.
oooooooooh, for once, for once, we have a lot of sun here in Holland. The weather is so Dutch autumn... rather cold, dry (that is not lots of rain)and the sun. We are sitting in pavements with coats and scarves. Sock is gorgeous.
oooooo! Love your socks! They are just beautiful.. I am going to knit some after this bag I'm making I think... I am such a knitting newbie! Guess I have to get some of those wooden sock blockers, too. I didn't think of that. I love a challenge once I jump in! He he I'm the kid on the high dive who stood there forever, but then loved every minute of the jump! Those are beautiful socks!
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