Monday, October 01, 2007

Slight of Hand

See how I distract you with puppy pictures to draw attention away from the fact that I have very little knitting to show you today. Lots of knitting took place this weekend, but Arwen has become one of those projects where you knit and knit, and it feels like you are standing in place. I may have to work on a sock for a while today just to feel a sense of accomplishment. Don't get me wrong - the knitting on Arwen is about 80% complete - I just keep messing up the cables and having to tink back to fix them. grr.

Also? I feel like I have moved to Seattle what with all the rain and the cool humidity and NO SUN!

"Hey Lady, it's late and that flash is just rude!"

"The Vet said the scar made me sneer like Elvis! Please don't wake me up for this nonsense."
(The scar is under his nostril)

"Aaaand the stretch before I launch myself after those pesky squirrels! (See where they shaved my leg to stick me with needles?)"

The Cricosaurus' have become the Feather Pluckin' socks, from over at the Piddloop website. Also - gorgeous bags! I bought this pattern to distract myself from her very cute project bags.

I also signed up for the Knitters' Coffeeswap 3 I was quite confused yesterday, so I tried to sign up early, and I sent another email this morning - so I hope I get in! I'm thinkin' one of those Piddloop dpn wallets would be an excellent goodie!

Also - Sophie's Toes is updating her sock yarn on Etsy today at 1:00. Seriously, she has a great base yarn and her colorways are scrumptious!!! This Pumpkin Spice? I totally want some of this! Kona thinks this Walnut colorway would match his coat just perfectly. I have some of her Handsome Park Ranger and you will be seeing it on my needles soon!

Let's see:

Gratuitious pet photos? Check.
Derisive comments about my knitting progress? Check.
Pimping my newest favorite swap? Check
Enabling the Etsy shopping? Check.

Well, looks like my job here is done for the day.

LOL! I LOVE your checklist. Hee hee.

I signed up for the coffeeswap, too!
I'm so thrilled to see a happy Kona!

What's wrong with rain and no sun? Makes me positively glow. Seriously.

Etsy enabling---lalalala, I can't HEAR you
Awesome Kona shots!
The rain is starting to get to me, too. Michael tells me this is what winter is like in the south. I think he's trying to talk me out of moving someplace warmer someday. It's nice to Kona is recovered from his trauma of last week.
Yeah, here we have had a summer with practically no sun and lots, lots of rain... bah. Great Kona pictures!
I think Kona is right. You need to buy that yarn to match him. And you are pimping again!!!!

And please send the rain my way. I just planted my fall lettuce crop. O could use the rain.
And you've done your job So well! Congratulations - glad to see someone meeting their goals today.
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