Wednesday, October 24, 2007


White Oaks Studio tvyarn is speaking to me (her shop is empty right now, but she's updating after next weekend - check her sold items). Problem is, I'm not sure what it wants. What pattern would most show off this dark and lovely yarn? I love my Roza's Socks, or perhaps Charade again? I'm going to have to get my notebook out and peruse the patterns. But we are casting this sock on next. (My Smooshy sock has already turned the heel and is in gussetland as we speak!)

I am finishing off my package for my Coffee Swap Pal - Maria. Oh, these are not for her, but there is a little tin of something in that box for her. When I was shopping for her goodies, I came across these no-snag stitch markers over on etsy and had to have a set (or two) for me. Somehow I wound up with two; one larger and the other sock-needle sized. She's added some gorgeous things since I was shopping, the Knitters' Bracelets are tempting me (they're row counters).

No sports today, Puck has the big semi-final Football playoff game tomorrow night. I'm nervous already! As soon as Football is over, we swing full gear into Hockey. We are hosting a Hockey Parents (only) party next Saturday - so the parents can bond? Don't ask me, I'm just along for the ride, I really don't understand the whole hockey community. Now, I've got to go and clean....really.

Pretty Fall colors on the yarn.

Cleaning? What's that?
Will the hocky parent's party break out into a fight? :-)

Pretty fall yarn might deserve a leaf pattern like Embossed Leaves from IK?
I love Hide & Sheep's stitch markers - they are PERFECT for socks, aren't they?
Pretty colours, that yarn. I loved the was such a relaxed pattern to knit.
Love the fall colors, pretty!
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