Monday, July 30, 2007

My World is Green:

Again, very snaky-looking to me. For the rest of the week we are working on All Sweaters, All of the Time! (Finishing the Eyelet Cardi and sewing together Banff, then I am picking up the lovely violet Leafy Bolero from Knitty.) I think our next Project Spectrum color is purple, no?

This is Carolina, Queen of Naples in Yarn Ahoy's Retro Bleu colorway. Yarn Ahoy's on vacation until August 12 - but until then, Ruby Sapphire has added some new Treadsoft and Luster colorways. I'm kind of liking the Mykaela and the Brucie.

Carolina is a pattern from Gigi Silva over at Socktopia - you should really check out the library of sock patterns she has going over there at the Socktopia website. I think Nagini will be next on the needles (after the Week of Sweaters, of course).

We have recovered from the weekend of Lacrosse. Our 10-12 year olds played two games on Saturday and four games on Sunday - all in 90 degree + heat. They won game #1 10-0 (10:00 am on Saturday), game #2 15-0 (3 pm on Saturday). Then on Sunday they won game #3 10-2 (9:00 am), they won game #4 14-0 (1:00 pm) - handily winning their division. In the semi-finals they played the Wildcard seeded team (opponents from game #3) and won that game 7-2 (5:00 pm). So imagine these kids going into the Championship game at 7:00 pm on Sunday!! They won 5-2 playing the most exhausted Lacrosse I've ever seen. It was like these kids were running in molasses. (Puck had a serious meltdown after the trophy was awarded - way too tired). Lacrosse is done for the season so my boys are sleeping for as long as they want today.

Later, we are driving to the DMV to pick up the Learners' Permit. (Gulp.) If you don't hear from me tomorrow? Send out the Highway Patrol.

ETA: To those who wanted to know, the little bag pattern seems to be lost at the moment, but as soon as I find it, I will let you know what it is.

Love how the Yarn Ahoy yarn knit up! Have fun with the sweaters. : )
Permit! Oh the lessons to be learned. Good luck, I hope you make it home safely.
Yaa boys!!
oof... permit! That's fast... love the Sockathing patterns. And love your snakesock.
Pretty snakesocks! Ha, I am getting better at resisting sock yarn because I start thinking "hey, I might be able to replicate that."
Learners' Permit! Ha!

I'm so close on the Eyelet Cardi....I suppose I should finish it.
How about the Highway Patrol and some wine? And of course, he can't drive unless you let him.
WTG, Puck and Co! Whoot!

Love the socks but I'm a wild woman, as far as colors go.
Nice Socks!
Love the 'snakiness' ;)
You should enter these at the competition on the yarnahoy blog.
Best, Manasi
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